Conley Wolfswinkel Photo Contest: No Winner Yet, But We Hear That's Lee Iacccoa in the Middle

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So that's why the gray-haired guy looks familiar!

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A source wrote in this morning to let us know the identities of most people in this old picture we found -- and the one front and center is said to be none other than the former bailout baron of Chrysler, Lee Iacocca. Do we have confirmation by CIA face recognition software? No. But it does look just like Iacocca (picture of him below), so it appears our source is correct.

From left to right, the picture shows Daryl Wolfswinkel, his brother, Conley, and Iacocca, writes the source, who wanted to stay anonymous. The blokes in the back are alleged to be Tucson automobile dealer Jim Click and man who ran a successful chain of Hawaiian restaurants. The source couldn't remember the last man's name --  close, but not good enough for the movie tickets!

iacocca lee.jpg
But the source did add a couple of extra details, gratis: The picture was taken in the mid-1980s at the opulent Golden Door resort in California.

"Conley used to hand out those pictures like business cards," says our source.

Aw, shucks -- we thought we got this 'cause we're special.

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