Arizona Cardinals Get Big Airport Send-Off by Fans Before Heading to Tampa

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An estimated 1,800 fans turned out at Sky Harbor airport this morning to give the Arizona Cardinals a rousing send-off on their way to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl.

The enthusiastic Cardinals supporters and their families, many holding homemade signs (or babies in cute, red jerseys) lined up near a Northwest Airlines jet on a Terminal 2 tarmac to cheer on their favorite players.

A few dignitaries were also on-hand, including the state's new governor, Jan Brewer, who wore a bright-red outfit.

See more shots from the send off in this Cardinals Slide Show

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"Stay focused, play hard and we'll all be rooting extremely hard for the Arizona Cardinals!" shouted Brewer (seen above giving a TV news interview)

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The mayors of Glendale and Phoenix, Elaine Scruggs and Phil Gordon, gave short pep talks. Gordon played to the crowd of mostly Phoenix residents, (who live or work within a few miles of the airport, no doubt), mildly dissing the suburban Valley cities and touting a bet he's made with the mayor of Pittsburgh. If -- when! -- the Cardinals win, 28-year-old boy mayor Luke Ravenstahl must wear a Cardinals jersey with his name on it and send an entire school of Phoenix kids to a game.

The crowd didn't want to see anyone but the Cardinals players, though, even booing the cheerleaders at one point.

"Bring on the Cardinals!"

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The Cardinals' opponents in the Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers, arrived in Florida earlier today.

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