Hot Links: Scottsdale's Used Motor Mile; Sick Puppies Thrown in Trash; California Facing Debt Meltdown

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Scottsdale's Motor Mile ain't what it used to be: They're ripping up old new car dealerships and putting in new old car dealerships. How'd you like to go the rest of the life with the label, "Puppy Abuser?" That could be the case for a Maricopa County court employee accused of throwing sick puppies in the trash, unless the story has been exaggerated like that of Dr. Joshua Winston's. Okay, try your best Governator impression for this one: "Without immediate action, our state is headed for a fiscal disaster..." Unfortunately for Californians, the disaster won't take place in one of Schwarzenegger's films. And as long as we're on the subject: Terrorists are expected to hit a big city in the United States with nuclear or germ weapons within the next five years. Would that include Phoenix? Who needs terrorists, though -- the economy may be our biggest problem. In the latest bad-news-for-local-government story, meltdowns in the retail world means less money for Valley cities. 


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