Hot Links: Napolitano Bolsters Government Workers Union; Dale Fushek Excommunicated; Rattlers Suspend 2009 Season

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On her way out, Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano peeves Republicans with a gift to state employees: "Meet-and-confer" status for their unions, which requires managers and administrators to bargain with union bosses. Weirdo Life Teen Founder Dale Fushek is excommunicated by the church that made him monsignor. A bad economy, or maybe just bad management, has silenced the Arizona Rattlers for the 2009 season. Expecting a Congressional windfall, Valley officials draw up a $3 billion wish list of projects to put us to work on. The Maricopa County sheriff and treasurer are "dragging their feet" in coming up with ideas for budget cuts. Here's one idea: Try for fewer families of dead jail inmates suing the county. Madonna divorce settlement is among biggest in history, Obama clears his aides in Illinois governor scandal (we'll see if that sticks), another body's taken out of an Arizona state prison, and the geeky science story of the day: Methane and ice volcanoes appear to be common on Titan, Saturn's biggest, gassiest moon.

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Valley officials prepare $3 billion wish list in case Congress funds it

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