Hot Links: Jan Brewer Prepares to Take Over as Governor; Another Study Questions Taser Safety; Phoenix Murders Decrease

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2-2.jpgShe's not wasting any time: Jan Brewer, the conservative Republican Arizona secretary of state, is gathering a transition team to begin her serendipitous coup of the State Capitol's 9th Floor. Tasers shock at higher powers than expected, according to a new study. Murders in Phoenix are decreasing, but keep your head down -- one still happens about every other day. Sheriff Arpaio won't submit charges on two little kids who hanged a kitten after playing Grand Theft Auto. And for the terrible economic news of the day: The nation appears to plunge deeper into recession with a new report showing extreme numbers of job losses.


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Governor-to-be Jan Brewer Prepares Transition Team







Taser Safety Questioned Again With New Study




murder scene outline.jpg

Murders in Phoenix on the decrease


Sheriff's Office: Two Boys, 6 and 7, hang and stone kitten to death after playing violent video game




job losses graph.jpg

Job Losses off the charts



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