Hot Links: Napolitano Orders State Managers to Meet With Union Reps; Sheriff Arpaio Loses Again in Public Records Fight; Mesa Pot-Growing Operation Raided

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2-2-1.jpgIncoming! Governor Janet Napolitano lobs new union rule at state as she packs bags for Washington D.C. job. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office can't seem to follow the law on public records, and it's costing taxpayers more money. Illegal garden: At a Mesa home, cops raid a large pot-growing operation and arrest a 31-year-old Mesa engineer. Four activists arrested at a county board of supervisors meeting want to go on the offensive. Nature in Scottsdale? It's that bright, rocky surface above the parking garage. The Palin household gets rocked by allegations of drug-dealing future mother-in-law of Bristol. APS gets a rate hike approved, and Bush agrees to dole out billions of dollars to failing U.S. automakers. And in Tempe, cops bust a guy suspected of creepy pantie raids at apartment complex laundry rooms.

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