Hot Links: Fail to Pay on Light Rail, Get Fine; Photo Enforcement Opposition GrowingTom Horne to run for state AG

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2-2.jpgStealing a free ride on the light-rail train can cost you a lot more than the price of  ticket. However, see today's Valley Fever blog about the supposed "$500 fine" the Arizona Republic reports today. The Republic also says photo enforcement opposition rising as dozens of state cameras snap speeders on freeways and highways -- we believe that one. Tom Horne says he'll file papers today to begin a campaign for attorney general in 2010. Laid-off Chicago workers demanding severance and vacation pay get backing by micro-managing president-elect Obama. On the international front, Pakistan proves you can have it all sometimes: While the NY Times says the Pakistan government aided the Mumbai terrorists, Pakistan security forces today arrested the ringleaders of the attack.

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