Caring Cops and State Troopers Send Christmas Cheer to Kids

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Sometimes there is a cop around when you need one, and that's especially true for disadvantaged children getting extra Christmas cheer from local law enforcement.

Officers from the Phoenix police department's Maryvale precinct delivered presents to two Valley homes this week, (picture below from Channel 15 (KNXV) report). Cops put out this short description of the two families in a news release received by New Times:

About the Two Families:
Family #1 (5309 W. Campbell Rd, apt #3)
This family consists of a Mom (Sharon) and her three daughters (Erica, Cecelia and Sydney).  Sharon is a cancer survivor who recently completed 4 years of surgeries and treatment. She is recently divorced and lost some of her furniture in the separation, so she sleeps on the sofa and the family is without a washer, dryer or microwave.  Sharon has not worked since her cancer, but she is now looking for a job.  The officers from the precinct arranged for her to go shopping fro work clothes and have a make-over!  Their next step will be to deliver presents to the children. (
Photo below is a screen-grab from Channel 15 (KNXV) report).

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Family #2 (6751W. Indian School Rd #1086, far south end of complex, enter from Indian School and go the far south)
The second family consists of a single mother (Patricia) and her 4 children, as well as 2 of her younger siblings (13 and 15 years old).  Her 11 year old daughter was recently walking home with her brother when she was struck by a car.  She has been undergoing continual medial treatment for her injuries. Currently, she is in the hospital undergoing surgery.  Patricia lost her job while her daughter was in intensive care. Three of the children in the home do not have beds and the officers are trying to arrange to have bunk beds delivered for the holidays.  The children have only minimal clothes and very few toys at home. The officers are hoping the extra help will bring joy to this very deserving family this holiday season.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety announced on Monday that its troopers would be out this week delivering teddy bears to kids stuck in the hospital for the holidays:

Arizona Department of Public Safety Officers to Distribute Christmas Bears to Hospitalized Children

For the 15th year in a row, Arizona Department of Public Safety Officers will be handing out Christmas Teddy Bears to hundreds of children statewide who find themselves in the hospital during the holidays.

In the past 15 years DPS Officers have visited over 1600 kids who missed Christmas at home. Sponsored by the Arizona Highway Patrolman Association, DPS Officers have been fanning out across the state this week bringing joy to thousands of sick kids who can't be home with their families at Christmas time. Officers in Tucson visited children in the Pediatric Wards at both the Tucson Medical Center and at University Medical Center.

In Phoenix DPS Officers armed with Christmas Bears will be visiting kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and the Maricopa Medical Center on Tuesday December 23, 2008.

Makes you want to hug your own loved ones a little longer, doesn't it? -- Ray Stern

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