Shaq and the Suns Give Game Tickets Away on Twitter

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On Thursday, we reported that Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal had an account on Twitter, a social networking site where users post updates about their activities. Now Shaq, along with Phoenix Suns Digital Media & Research Director A. Jo. Martin are giving away Suns tickets via Twitter, and Shaq has actually requested to meet certain Twitter users in person.

Before last night’s Suns vs. Lakers game, Martin set a few Twitterers up with tickets to watch the game from the posh Verve Energy Lounge at US Airways Center. One of them was a Twitter user who was posting updates as “NotShaqONeal." Shaq has also Twittered that he wants to meet “NotShaqONeal” and actually called one Twitter user, “Lord B,” on his cell phone – then set him and his family up with tickets to last night’s game.

Will Shaq talk Steve Nash into joining Twitter?

Martin has also been giving away Suns tickets in “Suns Twitter Trivia” contests, which she’s been doing at random. Last night’s winner was none other than Phoenix singer/songwriter/social media guru Jody Gnant.

As far as Twitter users go, Shaq has been among the most enthusiastic, even Twittering from the Suns bench last night: “Sittin next to steve nash, tryna get hi to join twitter.”

Heck, maybe Shaq can get the whole Suns team on Twitter. Then the Internet could be one step closer to becoming “Planet Orange.” -- Niki D’Andrea

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