Janet Napolitano's "Holiday Tree" Flap Invokes Ire of Anti-Gay Right-Wing Blogger

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Conservatives have mixed feelings about what kind of job Janet Napolitano will do as Homeland Security chief, assuming she gets the job, especially on the subject of immigration.

But today's post by conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel makes it obvious the Democratic Napolitano faces scrutiny and open insults on a wider scale as she enters the national spotlight.

Schlussel, an avid critic of the Homeland Security department, ridicules Napolitano for calling the seasonally decorated evergreen at the Arizona State Capitol a "holiday tree" last year (it will revert to "Christmas tree" under potential new Governor Jan Brewer, no doubt). But to augment her blog, Schlussel adds this un-PC Photoshop masterpiece for good measure.

The unmarried Arizona governor has consistently denied she's a lesbian, though rumors persist. Only Schlussel and her artist know just what Napolitano's nebulous sexual orientation has to do with Christmas trees or "amnesty" for illegal immigrants, but it seems clear the subject will entertain right-wingers and gossip-mongers for years, assuming Napolitano lands the DHS job. -- Ray Stern

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