Hot Links: Terrorist Attack in India Goes On; Anti-Prop. 102 Candlelight Vigil at Mesa Mormon Temple Tonight; School Districts Fight Unification

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Indian forces are still battling terrorists from attacks that can't help but cause Americans to think about our own vulnerabilities. In Mesa, gay rights supporters, ticked off over LDS support of Proposition 102, plan to hold a candlelight demonstration at the Mormon Temple's Christmas light display that begins tonight. West Valley school districts want a school unification vote thrown out based on a technicality. Pay attention, kids, this is how the real world works. Christmas in New York: A crowd of "savage" Black Friday shoppers trample a store worker to death on Long Island. The Republic follows a trend New Times blogged about in August about falling birth rates in the Valley. Thieves pull off a smash-and-grab in Tempe gun store.

gun store rob 112808.jpg

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