Dan Pochoda of ACLU Follows Through on Threat to Sue Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Arrest

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By Ray Stern

Dan Pochoda, legal director of the ACLU's local chapter, wants some payback for his unwarranted arrest and 11-hour jailing last year by Maricopa County sheriff's deputies.

Pochoda (pictured) filed a notice of claim to the county in May, saying he was seeking $400,000 in damages. In September, a judge vindicated him in the trespassing charges. And this week, Pochoda and his lawyers filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and three deputies involved in Pochoda's case.

You can read the entire lawsuit here. (Note that the Web site that provided this link, www.courthousenews.com, errs in its article about Pochoda -- he's not really seeking $20 million).

"It's not to get rich," Pochoda says of the lawsuit. "It's to hold people accountable."

Hold Arpaio accountable? The guy who just won big in Tuesday's election? These liberal ACLU types are such wild-eyed dreamers...

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You are so fukin ignorant. If the judge finds the charges uncalled for, THEN IT COUNTS AS A FALSE ARREST! You're probably one of those ignorant fucks who just can't handle the facts that authorities can be oppressive at times

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