Hot Links: Thomas Retaliates Against Sergeant Lovejoy, Dead Baby Pics, Phillies Lead World Series, Sarah Palin's Cabbage Patch Doll.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgAnyway they spin it, Joe lost in that jails suit, no matter what Supervisor Kunasek says. Period. Since September, AZ gains 188,000 new voters. Par for the course: County Attorney Thomas retaliates against Tom Lovejoy. That's what happens when you take on Candy's pal Sheriff Joe. Cards devoured by Panthers. Ducks dominate Sun Devils. (So much for football.) Flames burn Coyotes. Beckman clinches Open. Phillies fillet Rays, take World Series lead. Democratic Diva rips Rep over McCain endorsement. And Cabbage Patch Palin? Cute, but the dressing costs $150K.

188,000 new AZ voters signed up since September.

Court forces Joe’s jails to comply with constitution.

County Attorney retaliates against Sergeant Lovejoy.

Panthers pounce on Cards, 27-23.

Ducks drop Sun Devils, 54-20.

Beckman wins Open.

Flames conquer Coyotes, 4-1.
Phillies roll over Rays, 10-2, take lead in World Series.

Democratic Diva dings Rep over McCain endorsement.

Dead babies photographed for grieving parents.
Cabbage Patch Palin: It’s the dressing that’s expensive.

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