Phoenix Police Officer In Charity Boxing Match Dies of Injuries


By Ray Stern

Phoenix Police Officer Barry Scott, [pictured], who was collapsed after competing in a charity boxing match at the Fort McDowell Casino on Friday, died Tuesday.

Scott had been in critical condition since his amateur fight with a local firefighter. As New Times reported today, one spectator says the fight should have been stopped sooner by the referee.

Sgt. Andy Hill, spokesman for Phoenix police, put out the following press release at 5:30 pm:

Phoenix Police Officer Barry Scott passed away late this afternoon with his family, friends, and fellow officers gathered together at the hospital.

Barry will be greatly missed by all. His family thanks the media and community for your thoughts and prayers.

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BOB, just so you know barry had this planned before his son was born. He was in boxing way before the charity. It one in a million a boxing injury like this happens. It was a freak accident and no one new it was coming. The rumors of a prevues injury is a lie. i know the family and am very close to Barry's wife.


Just so you know Barry scott was trained before he even decided to box in the match. The doctor said to his wife that he was just the right hit to the head that caused his brain to bleed, everyone has a soft spot and it can happen to anyone but just hitting the right spot.

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