Hot Links: Supes lock out public, Rep eliminates 37 positions, McCain trails Obama, and Brad Pitt supports gay marriage.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgRep lays off 37. Sheesh, do they have anybody left? High court upholds employer sanctions, leaves door open to future challenge. Anti-Joe protests at Wells Fargo finally covered by Rep. Guess they found a reporter for that. County Supes lock out public, cancel sheriff's contract with Guadalupe. So much for the open meetings law. Boldin's agent says Cards will trade him. D-Backs cut down Giants, 7-6. Phoenix cops shoot homeowner instead of burglar. Whatever happened to, "Stop or I'll shoot!"? Rattler bites baby, baby lives. Old Man McCain trails Obamarama in new poll. GOP Senator says Sarah Palin has no foreign policy experience. Even though she can see Russia from home? And Brad Pitt supports gay marriage with $100K. Well, he is prettier than Angelina.

Rep covers anti-Arpaio protests at Wells Fargo, finally.

Employer sanctions law upheld by high court, for now.

Sheriff’s deputies put Board of Supervisors meeting in lockdown.

Supes cancel sheriff’s contract with Guadalupe.

Rep eliminates 37 positions. Is there anyone left?

D-Backs break Giants, 7-6.

Boldin’s agent says Cards will trade him in the off-season.

Phoenix cops shoot homeowner by mistake.

Rattler bites Zona rugrat, kid survives.

McCain trails Obama in new NY Times poll.

GOP Senator says Palin has zero foreign policy creds.

Brad Pitt supports gay marriage with $100K check.

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