Hot Links: Kyrsten Sinema, Ward Connerly, Jon Kyl, Barack Obama, John McCain, Sean Hannity, and Christina Applegate.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgKyrsten Sinema spanks Ward Connerly, pics to come. Some dood tips strippers with jive Jacksons. Yeah, I just said, "jive." College presidents want drinking age slashed to 18. (Talk about real men of genius!) Tucson po-po blows 99K on Bush trip. Why Sean Hannity's as dumb as he looks. Christina Applegate undergoes double mastectomy, declared cancer-free. ASU Sun Devils scrimmage at Camp Tontozona. Obama will pick running mate soon. (Why can't he just pick Michelle again?) The County GOP's lame-o response to Nathan Sproul's anti-Pearce fliers. And the peso's rise puts dollars in the pockets of Zona businesses.

Scottsdale dude tips strippers with fake scrilla.

Cut drinking age to 18, college presidents say.

Ex-Maryvale High wrestler wins Olympic gold.

Sun Devils’ scrimmage slideshow.

Kyrsten Sinema blasts Ward Connerly initiative with legal challenge.

Obama close to running mate decision.

Kyl to rep McCain at Dem convention.

Christina Applegate undergoes double mastectomy.

Maricopa Republicans’ lame response to Sproul.

This just in: Sean Hannity’s an idiot. No, really.

Democratic Diva denounces faith forum’s “McCheating and McLying.”

Tucson coppers blow 99K on Bush fundraising visit for Tim Bee.

Stronger peso equals boon for biz.

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