Hot Links: J.T. Ready, Tom Husband, Dan Saban, Joe Arpaio, Tim Bee, Avril Lavigne, John McCain, Barack Obama, and more.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgLocal GOP boss Tom Husband denies knowing J.T. Ready's a neo-Nazi. Check what he had to say to New Times about it way back in February. Dems want state Senate Prez Tim Bee to pay for Bush visit. Disgraced Dem Mark DeSimone replaced. D-Backs sock San Diego. Gold goes to Six Feet of Sunshine. Japanese rout U.S. softball team. Catholic Bishop says, "No," to immigration raids. Hallmark says, "Yes," to gay marriage cards. Obama and McCain give nod to three fall debates. And Avril Lavigne, too sexy for Malaysia, and her shirt.

County GOP chairman Tom Husband denies knowing J.T. Ready’s a neo-Nazi.

…versus what he told New Times in February.

MCSA rocks Supes’ meeting, Arpaio a no-show.

Trib spotlights Dan Saban.

Domestic abuse suspect/legislator DeSimone replaced.

D-Backs pound Padres.

Six Feet of Sunshine, teammate take volleyball gold.

U.S. softball team strikes out to Japanese.

Catholic bishop demands end to immigration raids.

Hallmark debuts gay marriage cards.

Dems demand Bee pay for Bush visit.

Judge says anti-war T-shirt OK.

Mayor Phil discusses immigration in D.C.

Three fall debates for Obama, McCain.

Avril Lavigne too sexy for Malaysia.

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