Hot Links: Joe Arpaio investigated by FBI, Steve Berman served, Fulton Brock's secret taping, monsoon closes Sky Harbor.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgFulton Brock's Dick Nixon move. Not too swift, Sherlock. Arpaio probed by the Feds. Here's hoping they ain't gentle. Steve Berman's wife wants a divorce. Can't imagine why. The Saints trash Cards in preseason opener. D-Backs decimated by Braves. The MCSO claims its crime stats are down, not up. You can start laughing now. Carl's, Jr. mogul Jason LeVecke wants a piece of Russell Pearce. Join the club, Jason. And Rum, Romanism and Rebellion takes on GOP tusk-hunters.

Sky Harbor shut down by storm.

FBI probes Arpaio.

thisguy.jpgSupervisor Fulton Brock’s secret taping.

ACLU vs. Arpaio over abortion.

Fast-food tycoon Jason LeVecke opposes Russell Pearce.

Steve Berman served with divorce papers.

MCSO claims crime numbers down, not up. (Riiight.)

Saints pound Cards in preseason opener.

Braves butcher D-Backs.

Olympics begin in Beijing.

R-cubed skewers elephant-hunting.

Denogean on AZ GOP Civil War.

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