Hot Links: Russell Pearce backstabs Buffalo, Padres paddle D-Backs, Sandra Dowling gets probation, DMX drops F-bomb, and more.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgTrib picks up on Russell Pearce's backstab of alleged public urinator. Nappy bores Dems to tears. Dowling gets probation. Padres spank the D-Backs. Laurie Roberts disses KFYI lip-flapper Bruce Jacobs. A narcobeer for narcoterrorists. Residents want to kill suicide lanes. Veg heads blame kiddie colon cancer on hot dogs. Rep reporter charged in his hot doggie. And DMX drops the F-bomb on da judge. (Smooth move, Ex-Lax.)

Trib reports Pearce’s backstab of alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener.

Nappy’s snoresville speech at Dem convention.

Padres paddle D-Backs, 9-2.

Laurie Roberts disses Bruce Jacobs’ First Amendment rights.

Schools supe Sandra Dowling gets four months probation.

Malverde Beer honors Mexican drug lords’ patron saint.

Schmuck probed by Clean Elections.

Rep reporter charged in case of hot-car doggie cruelty.

Veg-head attack ad blames kiddie colon cancer on hot dogs.

Residents say suicide lanes suck.

Gay marriage already banned, ballot will say.

DMX drops F-bomb on da judge.

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