Hot Links: Grampa McCain, Juggalos, an air guitar hero, and Jon Talton. w/UPDATE: Washington Post Blasts Arpaio!

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgGrampa McCain can’t figure out affirmative action. Orders Confederate troops to fire on Fort Sumter. Helicopter guys get a memorial. D-backs take broom to Frisco, get to use it. Rodgers-Cromartie makes Card camp. Tim Nelson berates Barnett Lotstein. Gotbaums say Phoenix too mean for trial. (Phoenix, mean? Naaah.) New PAC seeks Russell Pearce’s defeat. (Welcome to the club, bubs.) Plus Juggalos, an air guitar god, and ex-Republic columnist Jon Talton found alive and well, sipping java in Seattle.

THIS JUST IN: Washington Post blasts Arpaio with both barrels!

Grampa McCain backs anti-affirmative action effort.

A memorial for the helicopter guys.

Feds close First National Bank of Arizona.

D-backs take broom to San Fran.

Cards welcome Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. (Say that three times fast.)

Trib profiles GOP hopefuls for CD 5.

Tim Nelson smacks up MCAO eminence greasy Barnett Lotstein.

New PAC targets Russell Pearce.

Gotbaums to court: Phoenix too hateful, move trial to Tucson.

Jugga-ofays bring in the clowns.

Air guitar head.

Jon Talton found alive and well in Seattle.

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