Hot Links: George Gascon, Phil Gordon, Steve Berman, vegan hotties, and a knife-wielding mariachi.

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By Stephen Lemons

2-2.jpgMesa Police Chief George Gascon pens an op-ed for the Gray Lady. Phil Gordon defends racial profiling claim against Sheriff. Lettuce Ladies give everyone gas. Cops seek knife-wielding mariachi. Moron Steve Berman. Crypto parasite terrorizes Mesa. Roller derby dames do it with their helmets on. Three vanishing Mexican stories. (A new record!) Ramos and Compean stay convicted. D-Backs pound Padres 7-3. Javelin-boy goes to Beijing.

Gascon pens immigration op-ed for New York Times.

Gordon defends racial profiling claim vs. Sheriff.

Vegan hotties give us gas.

Crypto parasite found in Mesa pool.

American History X-Man.

Police seek knife-wielding mariachi.

Roller derby dames do it on wheels.

Real cops eager to collar fake flatfoot.

Wacko Berman on the ropes.

D-Backs bolt past Padres 7-3.

Breaux Greer chucks spear in Beijing.

Nativist Center for Immigration Studies trumpets illegals’ decline.

Feds say illegals can “self-deport.”

Vanishing Mexicans, vanishing money.

Appeals court upholds Ramos/Compean convictions.

Politicker AZ reports latest Tim Nelson-Gerald Richard debate.

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