Swap your wife instead of your SUV!

By Sarah Fenske

Yeah, yeah, I know... We at New Times already have confessed to more than a shade of Green Fatigue (see our 10 zillion word analysis of overly trendy environmentalism here.)

But we have to admit, we still plan to watch tonight's Wife Swap, which pairs an "eco-friendly wife from Arizona who dreams of living in an environmentally friendly straw bale home" with a family of motorcycle stuntriders. Number one, we need to find out what a "straw bale home" is. (Anyone? Anyone?) Number two, we're suckers for a good fight -- and this episode surely contains a doozy.

Incidentally, that eco-friendly Arizona wife is 47-year-old artist Pam Coste. ABC's press release explains that her family would rather "use bicycles in the searing Arizona heat than start up their hybrid car."

We called ABC to find out a little more about the Costes. Mainly, we wanted to know if they were joking about the whole bicycling-in-the-heat thing. If not, we suspect, they must be Tucsonians -- when's the last time you saw someone biking around Phoenix in the middle of a summer day? Since we haven't gotten a call back, we guess we'll just tune in.

The episode airs at 7 p.m. tonight, so plan to invite your pals over for organic beer and locally grown veggies.

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OMG!!! Just watched a repeat in the UK.... Pam appears to be a very damaged individual, so full of anger.... was she abused as a kid? (she reminds me very much of a woman I knew whose dad was an insane 'minister' of the church with similar results) Pam sure hates men & David certainly doesn't fit that label (not much of a man)..... and how can they possibly think they're being good parents, it's hard to imagine a more self-indulgent couple, they're almost as bad as a pair of smack-head druggies where the kids bring themselves up....

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