Over the Weekend: Arizona Fetish Prom, Summer of Sound and Fake Mustaches

Kokopelli winery was less about uncorking bottles of liquid delicious this weekend and more about fluffing your 'fro while listening to The Grateful Dead as it celebrated the '70s with the "Rock the Vine" '70s festival.

Yum! What a funk-tastic vintage.

The weekend went from funky to a little freaky at the Arizona Fetish Prom. Attendees turned out dressed to the nines in leather, lace and latex to celebrate their inner most fantasies in public. Highlights included fashion shows, a fetish-based play and the Fascinations "O" Face Booth.

The New Times Summer of Sound concert series kicked off this weekend in the form of a fist-in-the-air punk show. Harlequin Babies, Asses of Evil, Dephinger, and Glass Heroes took to the stage before turning the whole thing over to The Dickies.

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