Hopi Medicine Man Ivan Jackson Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Oral Sex With Patient

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Ivan Jackson, a trained medicine man and artist whose works include a mural at the Tuba City Regional Health Care facility, was sentenced this week to one year in prison for performing oral sex on a patient.
Hopi medicine man Ivan Jackson was sentenced on Tuesday to one year in prison for performing oral sex on a patient who believed she was receiving treatment.

The victim, who wasn't named in federal court records, had sought help from Jackson in the summer of 2012 because she was "seeing people around her house."

He told her the problem was caused by something in her groin, and that he knew how to fix it.

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Marijuana Advocates to End Effort to Recall Senator Kimberly Yee

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Matthew Hendley

A local group that announced plans to try to recall Republican Senator Kimberly Yee is ending that recall effort.

The group, the Arizona Veterans Assistance Committee -- which was formed by people from the Phoenix chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) -- targeted Yee as she blocked a bill that would have helped fund university research on marijuana's effects on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Arizona Legislature Passes Five Gun-Related Bills

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No Arizona legislative session is complete without some attention paid to guns.

The Senate this morning voted to approve five gun-related bills, the majority of which generally would be considered pro-gun bills, naturally.

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Joe Arpaio, Crybaby Sheriff, Wants Do-Over of His "Corrective Statement" in Melendres

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Is there a diaper big enough to fit big ol' baby Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Yep, Arpaio's pitching a fit like the spoiled, soiled octogenarian that he is, demanding a do-over on a "corrective statement" that his attorney Tim Casey recently submitted to the federal court in the ACLU's groundbreaking civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio.

In his filing last week, Casey indicated that Arpaio was willing to sign the statement, which is to be sent to all MCSO employees, per the court's instructions.

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Jan Brewer Signs Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Abortion Clinics

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Matthew Hendley

Governor Jan Brewer has signed a bill that allows the state health department to search abortion clinics without an administrative warrant.

Brewer didn't make any public comments on her signing of the legislation, House Bill 2284.

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Amid Allegations of Healthcare Problems at the Phoenix VA, Another Veteran Suicide

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DVIDSHUB via Flickr

The Phoenix Veterans' Affairs Health Care System has come under fire for allegations of negligence and delayed care. While delayed care can have drastic consequences on vets who are physically ill, it impacts those who are mentally ill as well.

On January 13, a veteran committed suicide in the Phoenix VA parking lot. His body was found the next day. In an e-mail to the staff obtained by New Times, Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman stated that the veteran was "alone and did not not seek medical care through nearby emergency services on the day of the incident." This suicide does not appear to have been reported in the media until now.

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Kayenta Man Confesses to Rape and Suffocation-Murder of Woman, 18, Says FBI

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A Navajo man anally raped his buddy's 18-year-old girlfriend on a dark road south of Kayenta early Sunday, then either suffocated or strangled her, federal court records allege.

The woman's half-naked body was found in a ditch, a tire track over her chest.

Sankey Reid, 30, admitted he drove over her body before going home to bed, says an FBI affidavit.

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Arizona Lawmakers Vote to Expand Church Tax Exemptions; Could Cost State $2.1 Million

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Matthew Hendley

A bill expanding tax exemptions for churches passed the Arizona Legislature yesterday, and could cost the state $2.1 million in lost revenue.

The bill, House Bill 2281, is also the third bill pushed by the Center for Arizona Police that legislators have passed this session. Others include the notorious anti-gay Senate Bill 1062, and HB 2284, which allows for the state health department to search abortion clinics without a warrant.

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Tucson and Prescott Residents Among People Least-Satisfied With Where They Live

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A survey of nearly 200 U.S. metro areas shows people in Tucson and Prescott aren't exactly the happiest about the city they live in.

According to a Gallup poll, no metro area was full of people who hate where they live, as the least-satisfied city in America still had the approval of nearly 73 percent of the people. Tucson and Prescott were on the lower end of the scale, with 81.5 percent of Tucson residents saying they're satisfied with their city, and 82.1 percent of Prescott residents saying they're satisfied with their city.

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Tom Horne, Arizona's Political Rasputin, Skates on Campaign Finance Case, for Now

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What will it take to rid Arizona's political scene of the man whom one wag I know has dubbed Sand Land's "Rasputin"?

Not the conclusion of a humble administrative law judge, that's for sure.

I'm not knocking ALJ Tammy Eigenheer, trier of fact in the campaign finance case against Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and his outreach director, Kathleen Winn.

At least, I'm not knocking Eigenheer too much.

See, on Monday, Eigenheer concluded that the prosecution in the case "failed to establish by a preponderance of the evidence" that Winn and Horne illegally coordinated during the 2010 general election campaign for attorney general.

At the time, Winn was running a pro-Horne independent expenditure committee, Business Leaders for Arizona, which produced an attack ad targeting Horne's Democratic foe, Felecia Rotellini.

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Anti-Walmart Activists Deliver "Tax Bill" to Walmart Chairman's Home in Paradise Valley

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OUR Walmart

In an anti-Walmart stunt, activists delivered a $7.8 billion "tax bill" to the Paradise Valley home of Walmart chairman Rob Walton.

It's the latest in a long line of demonstrations organized by the United Food and Commercial Workers or related union-supported groups, which have been campaigning on a claim that Walmart pays its workers so little that they depend on government safety-net programs, while the company turns huge profits.

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Hear Kevin Sabet, "Legalization Enemy No. 1," and Sheila Polk on Pot This Thursday

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Image: kevinsabet.com
Kevin Sabet
If you've been craving a dose of "Reefer Madness," there's still time to RSVP to Thursday's annual conference of the central Arizona anti-drug organization MATForce.

The public portion of the conference runs from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors auditorium, 205 West Jefferson Street. The featured speaker is Kevin Sabet, the anti-cannabis activist that Rolling Stone magazine calls "Legalization Enemy No. 1."

Sabet's a drug-policy expert and marijuana prohibitionist who's served as adviser to the Office of National Drug Control Policy under two presidents. He's on a crusade to save marijuana users by forcing them either to undergo re-education and "treatment" -- or to rot in jail.

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Phoenix's Other Drought: Pro Sports Teams Soon to Pass Two Years With No Playoff Games

Categories: Sports
Andrew Pielage

Drought conditions are quite common in Phoenix, but don't forget about the other drought: It's been nearly two years since one of Phoenix's pro sports teams in the four major sports has been in the playoffs.

So far this year, the Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, and Phoenix Coyotes each finished their seasons one spot out of playoff contention. Vince Marotta, one of the talkers on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, pointed out that Phoenix's playoff drought is the longest among the 12 markets with teams in all four sports.

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More Arizona Parents Not Having Their Children Vaccinated

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The number of Arizona parents choosing to not have their children vaccinated is increasing.

Back in 2003, only 1.6 percent of kindergartners weren't vaccinated due to a personal-belief or religious exemption. As of last school year, a decade later, that rate more than doubled, to 3.9 percent.

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Professor Travis Pratt Fired From ASU, Settles With Student Who Sued After Affair

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Image: livingeco.com
Professor Travis Pratt's affair with a graduate student didn't work out so well.

The criminal-justice expert has agreed to settle the student's lawsuit at the end of this month. He and his wife are no longer married.

And he was fired from Arizona State University -- on Valentine's Day.

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US Airways Tweets Vagina Picture in Response to Woman's Complaint

US Airways Twitter
A woman who complained to US Airways received a shocking Twitter message in reply -- a picture of a woman masturbating with a scale model of a Boeing 777.

According to jalpoknik.com, the US Airways tweet with the X-rated photo remained up for more than 20 minutes before the company took it down.

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Berserk Man Dies After Fight With Cops Inside Diner; Tased Four Times

Categories: Crime Blotter

A fight Sunday night in a Phoenix diner between police officers and a berserk man on a destructive rampage ended when the man fell ill and died after he was tased four times.

Police haven't yet released the name of the 38-year-old white man, pending notification of his family.

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Joe Arpaio Interviewed by Holocaust-Denier for Anti-Semitic Publication

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First nativists and birthers, now Holocaust-deniers and anti-Semites?

Yes, even for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, this jumps the proverbial shark.

I'm talking about a recent interview Arpaio granted to Pennsylvania-based Holocaust-denier Victor Thorn, author of The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century's Greatest Fabrication and Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America, among numerous other tomes with similarly repulsive themes.

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Joe Arpaio's "Corrective Statement" in Melendres Submitted to Federal Judge

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Not sure I'll believe this until I see Sheriff Joe Arpaio's geriatric scrawl on it, but reproduced at the bottom of this post is the so-called "corrective statement," filed by the MCSO's attorney Tim Casey in the ACLU's big civil rights lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio.

You'll recall that on May 24, 2013, federal Judge G. Murray Snow essentially found the MCSO guilty of racially profiling Latinos during traffic stops and ordered that this unconstitutional activity cease.

Snow issued an injunction in October, detailing what the MCSO would have to do to comply with his May judgement.

In January, Snow appointed former Rochester, NY police chief Robert Warshaw as his monitor, to make sure that his order is followed.

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10 Worst Social Media Posts in Arizona History

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Social-media websites like Facebook and Twitter may make it easier to connect with people, but they also make it easier to make an ass out of yourself in front of everyone.

Here are 10 people who did just that, in what we're calling the 10 worst social-media posts in Arizona history:

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