Why Is "Accidental Racist" So Ridiculous? Because Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Just Won't Speak for Themselves

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So I finally listened to "Accidental Racist," and the upshot is that now I kind of want to write some Brad Paisley-LL Cool J fanfiction. Nothing weird -- that would be Brad Paisley/LL Cool J fanfiction, and there's a huge and scary difference -- just Brad Paisley and LL Cool J hanging out at the video store, or pulling wacky pranks on each other, or road-tripping to a My Chemical Romance show. (Every music fanfic is eventually about My Chemical Romance, for demographic reasons.)

I want to do that because I love writing fanfiction, but also because the sentiment in the song -- hey, let's try to understand each other and be pals, instead of hiding all this resentment -- is so nice. I want to hang out with these guys. Which doesn't explain why "Accidental Racist" the song is the most stunningly awkward, wrong-footed thing to hit the Internet since the Insane Clown Posse wrapped an teleological argument for pantheism around magnets.

More: Brad Paisley says it's okay to be the minority.

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Dry River Yacht Club Debuts "Dead Mother Dearest" Music Video

Dry River Yacht Club at The Duce
Melissa Fossum
DRYC at The Duce

If you go to local shows on a somewhat regular basis, there's a good chance you've seen Dry River Yacht Club perform at one point. If not, this eclectic eight-person band is worth checking out. French horn, accordion, violins, and bassoon come together to create a gypsy-inspired sound tied together by Garnet's captivating vocals and stage presence.

Descriptions and photos only go so far to explain the band's consistent unbridled, energetic performances. "Dead Mother Dearest," DRYC's latest video, provides a glimpse of the band's tour de force shows. It was recorded live at The Sail Inn thanks to Music Venue Menu, the same group responsible for Mergence's "Me And My Family Vs. The Robots."

Dry River Yacht Club hosts an official music video release party at The Rogue Bar on Thursday, September 8 with Banana Gun, Funk Family Band, Failing To Fly, and Tele Speak. The first 40 guests will receive a free copy of the video.

Watch the official "Dead Mother Dearest" video and read Garnet's explanation of the song after the jump.

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Authority Zero Tackles the Economic Crisis in New Video for "Big Bad World"

Authority Zero_NewPress_Photo.jpg
Authority Zero
Veteran Mesa punk band Authority Zero recently released a new video for the track "Big Bad World" from their 2010 album, Stories of Survival. The reggae-tinged song and accompanying video were inspired by the ongoing economic crisis. In a recent blog post on Buzznet.com, lead vocalist Jason DeVore described the video thusly:

"It's no surprise to anyone out there that we're in an economic struggle and tragic events occur every day. It's all around us in our day to day lives. Good friends and family working relentlessly at their trusted jobs for years, only to one day be suddenly laid off due to cutbacks. Countless others and I have experienced this first hand. This video and song are simply a reminder of the things going on around us that we sometimes block out."

Check out the new video after the jump.

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What Laura Says - "Girl Not Gonna Leave"

"What's the password?" "Fidelio"
​It's been nigh on two weeks since What Laura Says had a rollicking good time at the release party for their latest EP, Talk. The band's first new material since last July's Bloom Cheek, Talk has been described as really more of a prelude to new material. Its four songs have their own, unique qualities to them, a relentless quality that the band has become known for. 

The first song on the EP, "Girl Not Gonna Leave," is quite possibly the best song -- it's also a song that the band has been working on and playing at their live shows for quite some time. Singer/guitarist James Mulhern recently took some time to share some tidbits on the Talk EP, as well as "Girl Not Gonna Leave," which you can hear after the jump.

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Bob Seger's "Like A Rock" - The Most Unintentionally Pathetic Song of All Time?

Bob Seger - Like A Rock.JPG
Bob Seger: A Pathetic Bastard.
It's the fourth day of 2011, which means many of you are probably close to giving up your New Year's resolution.

Need a little inspiration? A few good reasons to buckle down, hit the gym, stick to your principles and/or work harder?

Give Bob Seger's "Like A Rock" a listen. Now, I know what you're thinking: "That corny-ass song from the Chevy commercials of yore? Is that really supposed to push my ass up the stair machine?"

But how closely have you actually listened to the song? Somehow -- I honestly have no idea -- the track ended up on my Shuffle over the weekend and I really listened to the lyrics for the first time. Turns out it's not the confident words of a some blue collar badass driving a truck with those scrotum-thingys hanging off the trailer hitch. Nope, it's actually sadly pathetic. The disillusioned wretch who wrote this song needs counseling and a personal trainer.

Seriously, listen past the first two verses and you half expect the song to end with the pop of a pistol and a silver bullet blam. It's no surprise that just after this song came out, Seger decided to cash-out with a quick pop hit written by someone else ("Shakedown" off the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack) and take four years off.

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Gospel Claws, "Summer Nights Lakeside"

Gospel Claws: They'll drown you if you want them to.
Local indie rock outfit Gospel Claws' first album is causing quite a stir.

It's not hard to see why the band has caught the ear of everyone up to and including National Public Radio's All Songs Considered with songs like their first single, "Summer Nights Lakeside," ostensibly about a beach party/assisted suicide at an area lake.

It's a wonderful little mid-tempo ditty with a memorable refrain ("No worries, no school, it's summetime") and memorable lines like "I'll drown you if you want me to," that just sort of stick in your head.

But what is the sing about, really? As part of a new series creatively titled "What's This Song About?" Up On The Sun interrogated songwriter Joel Marquard by instant message.

Hear the song and get the inside story below.
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