Want Artist James B. Hunt to Make a Painting Inspired by Your Band's Music?

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Courtesy the artist.

Galleries aren't for every artist. For NXOEED, better known as James B. Hunt, he'd prefer to reveal his art out in the open by hiding his deranged paintings where anyone can stumble upon them. Hopefully, it's you. He posts clues on his website of the alleys, ditches, trash cans, sewers and other bung holes he shoves his paintings into. But for his latest scavenger hunt, he decided to do 100 paintings inspired by 100 bands, both local and otherwise. Each painting will be hidden along with some of the band in question's music.

Just a few highlights include Playboy Manbaby, Fairy Bones, Kongos, Dry River Yacht Club, The Smothers Fuckers, Field Tripp, Captain Squeegee, decker. and approximately 92 others. At last count, NXOEED had 15 of the paintings finished and 65 bands confirmed -- naturally, he needs some folks to submit their albums. The hunt begins 7 p.m. on First Friday, October 3rd. Send your music to contact@jamesbhunt.com.

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10 Best Metal Shows in Metro Phoenix in August

Photo from Artist's Website

August is filled to the brim with heavy metal shows around Metro Phoenix, thanks to concerts and gigs by locals and major international legends. So check out the 10 best metal and hard rock concerts happening at venues around the Valley next month.

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Rubber Brother's Round Robin Concert Format Offers Onslaught of Local Music

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Playboy Manbaby record release
Mike Bogumil
Playboy Manbaby

This Saturday Rubber Brother Records is putting on a different type of show -- a Round Robin.

Rather than have a typical show where each band plays for 25 minutes, followed by the rest, a Round Robin puts five bands in the same room all set up at the same time.
What makes this show unique is that there is no opening or closing act. Each artist performs two songs and then moves on to the next band.

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Wiz Kalifa, Barenaked Ladies and More to Play Arizona State Fair

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Arizona State Fair Website

It's almost that time of year to enjoy funnel cakes and ferris wheels again, as the Arizona State Fair approaches. The event is known for its games and attractions, but don't look past the musical entertainment.

The festival has started by releasing a few names that will be coming to town, with more to be announced in the following months. As of right now, the list of artists slated to perform include Barenaked Ladies, Sublime with Rome, and Darius Rucker.

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10 Unearth Songs You Need to Hear

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Photo from Metal Blade website

Many metal heads will know Massachusetts as the birthplace for many vital modern bands. There must be something in the chowder. Artists like All That Remains, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and specifically, Unearth, all hail from the Bay State.

Unearth is currently on tour with Texas In July, Cruel Hand, and Armed For Apocalypse for The Oncoming Storm 10th Anniversary Tour. The tour run makes its way to Arizona at Pub Rock on June 15.

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5 Bands You Should See at Vans Warped Tour

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Ted Van Pelt via Flickr
Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour offers an overwhelming selection of bands each year for its annual summer tour.

The problem with the all-day event is that you have to know going in to the event which artists to see. Because of the huge list of performances, it's impossible to watch them all. To help with that, here are five artists that will be worth getting to the show early to catch.

See also: 10 Tips for Going to Warped Tour in Arizona and Not Dying

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Dive Into Jazz with the Nash Summer Workshops

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Austin Paetow
Margo Reed and sit-in musicians at The Nash on May 18

Jazz is for everyone.

At least, that's the message that the owners of The Nash want to spread. This June, Phoenix the award-winning jazz venue will host a number of summer workshops for the second year in a row.

The workshops are designed for anyone looking to improve their skills or even learn new ones to enhance their musicianship. While many of the classes may require previous experience, some will be open to newcomers as well.

Jeff Libman, a Faculty Associate in the Department of Jazz Studies at ASU's School of Music, kicks of The Nash's summer on June 7, with his workshop titled "Exploring the Masters of Guitar". His lesson will look at artists like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery.

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The Phoenix Lights Return (in Emby Alexander's New Video)

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Still from "I Don't Mind If You Call Us Friends"
Emby Alexander has had a busy summer, releasing two videos, signing to UK label Bigo & Twigetti, and wrapping up a brief tour of the Southwest in support of its self-titled EP. Now the art-pop locals are wrapping it up with an EP release and two videos: a retrospective tour diary sound tracked by their upcoming single "Lie Down In The Ocean," and "I Don't Mind If You Call Us Friends," a time-lapse of the band playing in local hangouts which may or may not feature the infamous Phoenix Lights.

The verbosely titled EP Summer Blood and All the Parties I Wasn't Invited to Anyway will be released today on Emby's UK label and Saturday on Phoenix's own cassette-adoring imprint Rubber Brother Records. The cassette will include a free digital download. But Michael B. Alexander, the band's frontman, wasn't always down with the whole cassette trend. What changed?

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Doyle: You Wouldn't Believe How Many Popular Musicians Have Regular Jobs

Tim Tronckoe
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is most often identified as a celebrated member of horror punk act the Misfits, brought into the band at the tender age of 16 in 1980. Originally a roadie for the band, he was taught how to play guitar by his brother, Misfits bassist Jerry Only, and Glenn Danzig. He and his brother helped finance the band by working at their father's shop.

Four years later the Misfits disbanded, but Doyle's metal and punk rock roots only grew stronger and deeper, with his signature guitar playing style of heavy downstrokes and power chords. He helped found (with his brother) the metal band Kryst The Conqueror, and in 1995 reformed the Misfits after settling a legal battle with Danzig for the rights to the bands' name. He left the Misfits in 2001, though, to pursue other ventures, including his band Gorgeous Frankenstein; play select dates on Danzig's tour circuit; and in 2013, put out the album Abominator, that was released on June 25 to great press.

The tracks are dripping with horror imagery in the form of a twisted love story, with such track names as "Hope It's Warm in Hell" and "Cemeterysexxx." His music has the punk horror qualities of the Misfits, the dark layers of Black Sabbath, and the same punch-to-the-face as Pantera. Up On The Sun caught up with Doyle to talk about his new solo work, touring with Danzig, and how he has never owned a Misfits record.

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Eight Metal Bands That Killed It at Rock on the Range; See Three in Phoenix Soon

Thumbnail image for photo.JPG
Lauren Wise
Founded in 2007, Columbus, Ohio's Rock on the Range has become one of heavy metal's largest events, and every year, it just gets bigger and better. As Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach said in an interview: "As far as rock festivals in America go, Rock on the Range in No. 1 in my book. Straight f****n epic!"

I attended in 2012, but this year's event (May 17-19) had some significant changes, and sold out -- for the first time -- to ticket-buyers that had traveled from 49 states and three countries.

This year, ROTR expanded to live music all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as opposed to last year's Saturday and Sunday, and the headliners were more focused on bringing then nostalgia for powerhouse '90s rock -- Soundgarden, Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn and Alice and Chains, with the side stages bringing more of the metal. Last year, headliners included Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth and Mastodon, and the side stages were more radio rock. So this year, it seemed the stages were switched: The majority of the metal acts were on the side stages, providing a plethora of opportunities to check out the best up-and-coming metallers around -- even if it did force me to hightail it to stages spread across Columbus Crew Stadium for a straight 10 hours a day. But who wouldn't want to try and catch more than 50 bands in one weekend? Especially at a festival that's actually great to watch from the bleachers, even with the pollen floating through the air as thick as snow at times.

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