The Declaimed, Shovel, Freaks of Nature - 4/11/2014 and 4/12/2014

Dan Rose
The Declaimed

This time of year you should be well within your rights to bitch slap any music fan who spends the weekend whining about how there's "nothing going on." Plenty of live music is flowing all over the damn city, at any given time, and the weather is nice, too -- a bonus incentive to soak up live music. Though I could fill a page with all the shows I missed this weekend 'cause life was busy fucking up my game plan (and I couldn't miss the killer pinball and arcade gaming convention, Zapcon), I managed to see a few Phoenix acts strut their stuff.

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Bombay Bicycle Club Thinks You Seem Underdressed at Festivals

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Courtesy of Big Hassle
Bombay Bicycle Club has noticed your clothes, or lack thereof.
Those who follow the music charts across the pond were surprised when Bombay Bicycle Club's fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, debuted at the top. For purveyors of fine indie music, the band's first No. 1 album didn't seem like a shock at all. The young eclectic quartet, who got their start winning a British music competition in 2006 when most of the members were 16, released their finest collection of songs yet.

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Hi, Phoenix. I'm the New Music Editor. Let's Meet.

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Jamie Glawe
I'm the guy on the left. It was Halloween, OK?
There's a new music editor running Up on the Sun. My name is David Accomazzo. Nice to meet you, Phoenix.

I've spent my life in the mountains of Colorado, and nine days ago, I sold most of my worldly possessions, packed the rest in a U-Haul, and started the 13-hour drive to the Arizona desert. And to answer the No. 1 question I've gotten since I arrived: No, I haven't been here for the summer yet.

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Trunk Space Kicks Off Its Indie 500 Concert Series with Infectious and Intimate Performances

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Members of Liam and the Ladies perform with Mike Park and Dan Potthast at Trunk Space during the first night of Indie 500.
Colorful streamers, balloons, and even a donkey piƱata adorned the digs at the Trunk Space Sunday, adding an extra festive -- not to mention silly -- air to what was a major occasion: the kickoff of Indie 500, the 10-day music festival celebrating the Grand Avenue music and art space's 10-year anniversary.

It's certainly an ambitious project, planned for months by Trunk Space co-owners Stephanie Carrico and JRC and unlike anything previously attempted by a Valley music venue. The Trunk Space's fans and regulars have been eagerly anticipating it, however, which explains the large crowd gathered for the kickoff on Sunday afternoon.

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King Khan and the Shrines - Crescent Ballroom - 11/13/13

All photos by Amy Young
King Khan and the Shrines

Did you feel the ground around downtown (Phoenix) move last night? Those good vibrations oozing from the cracks of Crescent Ballroom were created by a whole lot of fans who couldn't help but move to the garage-rockin', soulful, funky, psychedelic sounds of none other than King Khan and the Shrines, who stopped in Phoenix on the final night of their recent tour.

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14 Albums That Prove Shark Week and Heavy Metal Belong Together

Thumbnail image for 265735753_5e17ab344d_z.jpg
Ed Schipul, Creative Commons
Not pictured: Great White
I used to look forward to the arrival of Shark Week like it was a new Hatebreed album release -- amped up and eager for new material and bloodshed. Unfortunately, after a couple years of tuning in, I realized that the masterminds behind the programming didn't really care to bring fresh perspective and stories into the game -- they were doing fine selling the recycled Shark Week content over and over again. Which, ironically, is pretty much how I felt about Hatebreed's two 2009 albums.

It may be a long shot, but I personally think that shark and heavy metal go hand-in-hand. They are both aggressive predators known for being man-eaters and a source of fascination and terror for millions. The theme from Jaws helped inspire horror movie scores for years to come, there's been a wealth of horror movies about sharks with metal soundtracks, and we can't discount the recent D-list made-for-TV movie Sharknado.

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The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

grill em all
Everything eventually turns into porn. Guitar porn--Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 is all about it--whiskey porn... well, regular porn. But recently, food porn has blown up. Which is great for me.

You see, there are only a few things that I take voracious pleasure in consuming, and two of those indulgences are heavy metal and cooking. Combine them, and I'm set for life.
Last week a friend of mine sent me a video called "Cooking With Phil Anselmo." You've probably never wondered what it would be like cooking in a kitchen with the Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual, etc. front man, but this viral video answers all of your questions.

The animated video has Anselmo wearing a "Cooking Hostile" black t-shirt, and concocting dishes with such references as "soy sauce from hell," "five minutes on looooow," and the "art of shredding lettuce." It's full of hilarious Pantera references, and was put together by Joey Siler of Pantera tribute band Good Friends & A Bottle of Whiskey.

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Dust Off Your Chain Wallet: The Summerland Tour Hits the Marquee on Saturday

Dust off your chain wallet: Everclear, Live, Filter, and Sponge are coming to Tempe tonight.

Nah, just kidding. There is way more to do than just dust off your chain wallet. To pay proper homage to this packaged concert tour, there are some more fashion details to consider. It's kind of late to grow a goatee, at this point, but if you have one, trim that thing up proper: We said '90s, not '60s.

Shave up the sideburns and slick back the spikey 'do so that it lies comfortably beneath that backwards baseball cap. Get all up in your closet and dig out a pair of knee-length, roomy shorts, most likely jean shorts that are just shy of meeting the mid-calf white socks that keep the feet protected beneath those bulky Vans. Shine up that 'brow piercing, too, you know that hole hasn't totally closed shut. This may ring gender-specific, but it's a pretty unisex ensemble. Okay -- maybe the goatee not so much. But most everything else works whether you're sporting a P or a V. (And ladies with '90s goatees, no offense meant.)

So now, you're ready to rock nostalgic. And you won't be alone.

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Why Kenny G's Hair Is the Most Dependably Great Thing In Music

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Kenny G Press Photo 2010 (2013)
An official Kenny G photo.
One of the best things about life is spontaneity. Adventures and experiences, big or small, that happen on a whim can make life pretty fucking fun. Especially because, for most of us, the rest of that time is bogged down by realities like jobs, school, and bills; when we can roll with some spur-of-the-moment idea, all the better.

Since we do have all that real-life bullshit to tend to, we count on life's consistencies to give us a little balance. Even if it's something we don't think about on the regular, just knowing it's out there -- hanging out and staying the same -- helps keep us slightly grounded. It's important to have some things we can count on.

One of those things is Kenny G's hair.

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Is The New '90s Nostalgia Good For Rock and Roll?

We all have bands that defined our youth--that made us love music, that maybe even introduced us to a new feeling that we didn't know existed. Whether it's the psychedelic rock of the '60s, punk of the '70s, thrash of the '80s, or grunge of the '90s, every generation has its own musical roots.

And as history has shown us, those roots always cycle back and show through again eventually. But rarely do they return as poignantly and quickly as the recent nostalgia-heavy marketing renaissance of '90s alt-rock and grunge.

It's happened so fast that I think it's best to not even think of this resurgence as a "revival."

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