The Real Coachella - Trunk Space - 4/20/2013

pinata1 photo-dave driscoll.JPG
Dave Driscoll
Ryan Avery, wearing a safari hat, ran around with a megaphone. JRC turned on a record player and asked the crowd to arrange themselves from shortest to tallest. Then he grabbed random people, spun them around three times, put a cardboard box over their heads, and had them hit a Strawberry Shortcake piñata filled with plastic vegetables.

That's how the ninth annual Real Coachella began.

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The Real Coachella Brings Wu-Tang Clan and Grimes to Phoenix...Kinda

Hologram and Oates
Benjamin Leatherman
Hologram and Oates perform at The Real Coachella in 2012.
The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California is attended by thousands of music lovers who pilgrimage to the mountains each year for their fill of live performances from emerging and established acts, including Grimes, the Wu-Tang Clan, and Local Natives.

The Real Coachella is a local music festival mocking Coachella, and it celebrates its ninth anniversary this weekend. Here you won't see tables and tents with hordes of people trying to get their latest indie record signed. And although the event's flyer says Grimes, Wu-Tang Clan, and Local Natives are performing, it couldn't be farther from the truth.

Unless the truth is that the Wu-Tang Clan plays "surf rock," Grimes is "looping to the extreme," and Local Natives are "experimental for the meme generation."

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