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Matt Martinez
On Saturday, more than 3,000 people attended That Damn Show, a full day of performances by rock and punk bands like Bad Religion, Tiger Army, and The Faint at Mesa Amphitheatre.

But according to several attendees, the outdoor concert -- which was co-promoted by New Times and local online alt-rock radio station KUKQ -- also hosted an Arizona vendor whose T-shirts appear to feature white supremacist and Nazi-like iconography.

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Five More Reasons to Check Out That Damn Show on Saturday: Tiger Army, Face to Face, Awolnation, Fenix TX, and More

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Clockwise from left: Fenix TX, Face to Face, and Tiger Army
We're fairly certain that by now you're fully up to speed on That Damn Show's headliner Bad Religion, as well when they're playing, how they've been around longer than you think, and their best albums ever.

So what about the rest of the rock, punk, and indie heavy-hitters filling out the bill at Mesa Amphitheatre on Saturday? Here's a rundown on the other touring acts that will rock the outdoor venue tomorrow, each offering their own distinct sounds. Consider it a final wrap-up of our week of That Damn Show coverage.

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That Damn Show 2013 Set Times: Saturday's Complete Schedule

that damn show bill blog crop 2013

When Bad Religion, AWOLNATION, and the rest of That Damn Show comes to the Mesa Amphitheatre on Saturday, there will be 14 bands crammed onto the bill, split between two stages -- which is to say It's going to be a little hectic. You can still buy tickets online; to make your schedule triage a little easier after you do, we humbly offer the set times for both stages below.

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Five Bad Religion Albums To Hear Before That Damn Show 2013

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If you're going to That Damn Show--tickets here; schedule here--on Saturday and you don't already know a lot about Bad Religion, you might be in trouble by the time they hit the Main Stage at the Mesa Amphitheatre at 9 p.m. Luckily, our print feature this week is all about five essential Bad Religion albums. Take a few minutes and get caught up below.

"You might not think there's any wisdom in a fucked-up punk rock song," sings Greg Graffin in "Kyoto Now!" summarizing Bad Religion's ethos in one fell swoop. Classic punk songs are fun and riotous but offer little substance. Bad Religion developed a lasting appeal by filling that void, becoming one of the most commercially successful punk bands of all time while packaging questions about politics, religion, and human rights into short, fast, and angry songs. The formula works.

First: Suffer is vintage Bad Religion punk.

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The Faint to Bring Dance-y Sing-Alongs to That Damn Show

Melissa Fossum
The Faint at Crescent Ballroom

The roster of touring acts of That Damn Show gives the festival the appearance of something that happened a decade ago. I remember being stoked to see acts like Bad Religion, Face to Face, and Fenix Tx for the first time in the early Aughts -- and, in some cases, at Mesa Amphitheatre. Wasn't Bad Religion, Less Than Jake and Authority Zero an unlikely but fun show? That Damn Show 2013, with its punk/reggae lineup, seems like the long-awaited sequel.

Many fans feel the same sentiments about The Faint. I somehow missed the boat and didn't get into the band until I saw them live at Los Angeles' FYF Festival last year, and then I was hooked. I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd Fink and seeing the band at Crescent Ballroom a couple of months later at my favorite show of 2012.

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Bad Religion, That Damn Show Headliners, Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

On Saturday That Damn Show is back for 2013 at the Mesa Amphitheatre, featuring national acts like Bad Religion and local favorites like the Veragroove. Check out the full schedule here. (Full disclosure: We're co-promoting this show with KUKQ, because we just want you to be happy.)

Bad Religion has been around long enough that it's been surprising fans with how long it's been around for something like 25 years now. Newly angry teenagers buying and falling in love with True North this year -- it hit number 18 on the Billboard 200 -- have 15 other albums and more than 30 years of history to sift through next. Fans who lapped up their major-label debut, Stranger than Fiction, were already 12 years behind in 1994.

Even if you latched on with their epoch-defining third album, Suffer, you'd already missed two albums, an EP, an extended breakup, and a prog-rock detour that moved Voice icon Robert Christgau with its "anthemic ambition."

Here are five stops Bad Religion hit on the way to their That Damn Show performance Saturday, as documented by the music press and some of our sibling papers:

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That Damn Show 2013: Bend Sinister Groks Classic Rock

bend sinister press

On Saturday That Damn Show is back for 2013 at the Mesa Amphitheatre, featuring national acts like Bad Religion and local favorites like the Veragrooves. Check out the full schedule here and read on for a preview of Canada's own Bend Sinister. (Full disclosure: We're co-promoting this show with KUKQ.)

Bend Sinister are out to prove our friendly neighbors in the Great WhiteNorth can do classic rock with the best of them, and their most recent release, 2012's Small Fame, is their latest exhibit. The secret to the hell-of-a-party it creates? The way the band successfully emulates the musical stylings of seemingly every major rock star since the '70s.

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That Damn Show Schedule: Bad Religion Headlines Resurrected Alt-Rock Show

that damn show bill blog crop 2013

That Damn Show, the Phoenix music institution most likely to lead into an extended, vulgar Abbott and Costello routine, is less than a week away: On Saturday, Bad Religion and 11 other local and national bands will file into Mesa Amphitheatre and play music that is probably going to be really loud and really fast.

(Full disclosure: Our name is on the poster. New Times and KUKQ are presenting That Damn Show together. Dan Moore owns one share of AAPL, he thinks.)

If that sounds like a good time to you, click through for everything you need to know about the That Damn Show schedule.

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