Phoenix's Matt Peterson Finally Gets His Big Prom Date With Miley Cyrus

Twitter via heymattpeterson
Matt Peterson's prom experience with Miley Cyrus was way better than yours, tongues and all.
Last night is guaranteed to go down as one of the greatest nights ever in the young life of Matt Peterson. At long last, the 17-year-old Phoenix resident and Arcadia High School student got to go to a prom of sorts with the notorious pop star, albeit in the midst of her near-sellout concert on Thursday evening at US Airways Center.

And while it may not have been inside of some gymnasium orswanky hotel ballroom, Peterson's prom date with the erstwhile Hannah Montana offered all the trappings of the teenage social rite, only much more awesome.

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What Is Arizona's Favorite Band? The Answer Might Surprise You (And It Ain't Alice Cooper)

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Flickr via John McDonald
Arizonans' favorite band to listen to may come as a surprise.

Sorry to say, Meat Puppets, but you ain't Arizona's favorite band. At least, not anymore. Same goes for you, Gin Blossoms, Roger Clyne, Jimmy Eat World, and Alice Cooper. Y'all don't rate, at least not to the number crunchers at The Echo's Nest, a Massachusettes-based "music intelligence company" that supplies data on listening behavior to services like Spotify and Rdio.

And according to the company, our fair state's band might come as bit of a surprise, depending on your particular music tastes.

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Why Phoenix's Biggest Miley Cyrus Fan Matt Peterson Should Be Admired

Photo by Troy Farah
Local Miley Cyrus ├╝ber-fan Matt Peterson (and his tongue) outside Aside of Heart.

Some people will do just about anything for a shred of acknowledgement from their pop idols. For Arcadia High School student Matt Peterson, that meant filming himself naked on Camelback Mountain with his no-no area obscured by a foam twerk finger as he asked his celebrity crush Miley Cyrus to the prom.

As things like this go, the video quickly went viral, reaching more than 300,000 views in less than a week, stopping just short of a million before Warner Brothers claimed copyright and yanked it from YouTube. (Peterson since has uploaded it again.)

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Rawcus' Racially Tinged Song "White People Crazy" Is the Sound of the Internet Eating Itself

YouTube via Rawcus WPC
Featuring a silhouetted collection of dudes, Mystery Science Theatre 3000-style, in front of videos of white people doing ridiculous, Jackass-style nonsense, Atlanta rapper Rawcus' "White People Crazy" is the sound of the Internet eating itself alive.

Although it remains a little south of viral (still only 253,000 YouTube hits as of this writing), it's popular enough to warrant the modest amount of consideration that a few blog posts might allow, if only because the trap beat behind Rawcus' tomfoolery is actually kind of good.

To be sure, there's a racial hornet's nest that "White People Crazy" stirs up.

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Phoenix High School Student Gets Naked on YouTube to Ask Miley Cyrus to the Prom

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Arcadia High School student (and Miley Cyrus super-fan) Matt Peterson
Remember your first prom experience? We do, and we're willing to bet corsages to condoms that it was just as awkward and unfulfilling as ours. So much so that it's probably something that you'd like to forget.

Indeed, lucky are the few who have good memories of this particular adolescent social rite. It's sort of why we're rooting for Phoenix teen Matt Peterson, who wants to have one of the more memorable prom experience in the history of ever. But only if pop sex kitten and human trainwreck Miley Cyrus says "yes" to his naked YouTube invitation to go to the prom.

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