Rapper Samuel Turner Aims to Fuel the Phoenix Suns' Playoff Hopes With "Suns Rise"

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It's rally time for the Phoenix Suns.
The Phoenix Suns need all the help they can get right now. The surprise team of the 2013-2014 season is currently in ninth place in the NBA Western Conference playoff race, and with only seven games left in their season, the team needs something -- anything -- to help propel them towards nabbing a post-season berth.

And one local rapper named Samuel Turner hopes that a little local music love might just be the thing to inspire purple and orange gang.

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Phoenix Suns' New Season Ticket Program Bundles Michael Buble, Michael Beasley

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Jim Louvau
As a cost-saving move, they could teach the Suns dancers how to do the "Single Ladies" robot stuff.
This feels a little like Barnes and Noble offering combined subscriptions to Teen People and Adbusters because they're both in the magazine section, but I guess I can't fault the Phoenix Suns and US Airways Center for trying something new: The team is now offering a season ticket package that combines every home game with every concert during the NBA season.

That's right: You'll be able to watch Justin Timberlake in December and cry soft, silent tears about the bygone Mike D'Antoni era at the same arena for the same low price.

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Seven Terrible First Pitches by Otherwise Coordinated Pop Stars

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Ahhh, the ceremonial first pitch of a baseball game. When it's done right, nobody in the stands pays you any attention. When you screw it up, you're on YouTube forever. Often celebrities are chosen to uphold this grand tradition, and often -- most recently Carly Rae Jepsen -- they fail spectacularly.

To the musicians out there who can actually throw a baseball, we tip our cap to you. To those who can't -- well, we compiled this list of your worst ceremonial first pitches ever. Enjoy.

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Which Arizona Diamondbacks Star Would Make the Best Metal Band?

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Clintus McGintus
One of the most important parts of being a baseball fan is the crushing certainty that you are The Underdogs and your rivals are getting special treatment from ESPN or Bud Selig or New York-biased media outlets. (If you're a Mets or Yankees fan, your rivals are getting special treatment from L.A.-biased media outlets.) Usually, it's not true. But I can't help feeling a twinge of jealousy when our sister blog at LA Weekly writes about a metal band based on Dodgers super-prospect Yasiel Puig and named PUIG DESTROYER.

The Arizona Diamondbacks don't have a Cuban super-prospect with a name that's really fun to say, but they do reside in a city that loves its metal. I can't actually "play the guitar" or "write music" or "pronounce Yasiel Puig's name correctly, no matter how hard I try," but I can do the next most-important thing: Figure out which D-back our municipal metal talent should be emulating.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Walk-Up Music: What 2013's D-Backs Say With Their Songs

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Diamondbacks Walk-up Music 2013
Photo by Clintus McGintus
Baseball and music have a storied history together, from the ballpark organs and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" sing-alongs of yesteryear to today's increasing reliance on various components of the Cha Cha Slide. Not all music is for the fans, though: The Arizona Diamondbacks' walk-up music is for and by the players themselves.

Sometimes it helps get them focused, sometimes it's a joke, sometimes it's just a song they like. But how do these songs -- played before each at-bat, as the player's announced -- reflect the players?

Let's take a look.

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The Best Metal Songs for Football

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Hang on guys, here's something you won't believe: Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down is mad about something.

But it's not the sort of thing we're used to him being mad about. As you're no doubt aware, with the weather beginning to act like it might cool down, college campuses swelling with textbook-toting young'uns and fake breasts, and fantasy draft lineups being locked in place, it's football season. Hell yes.

You see, Phil Anselmo is a huge fan of the New Orlean's Saints, and he's kicking off the NFL season with a strong defensive stand against the "bounty gate" suspensions against the team, calling NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "the cop that will pull you over and take you to jail just because he can, and he's the dude that peeps through your daughter's window when she's in third grade." He also accuses the media, particularly Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, of making Jonathan Vilma the poster boy of the whole situation.

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