Record Store Reminiscing: Arguing About Music

Flickr via vermilionink

I don't even know you, and I want to argue with you. About music. That's right. It's been almost two years since the record store I used to own, Hoodlums Music, closed -- and that's the main thing I miss about it. Arguing about music.

Seriously, Geek? You owned your own record store for 15 years and that's what draws your nostalgic urges? Arguing? It's true. Let's start with Lennon vs. McCartney.

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Should We Come Up With a Better Name For Third Wave Ska?

Reel Big Fish: Is "ska" the right word for what these guys do?
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I won't beat around the bush: I don't really like the music of Reel Big Fish. I don't like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones either, and found No Doubt a giggly waste of my time. In fact, while as a music critic I respect these bands for what they are trying to accomplish and the fact that they all have ardent fan bases, I find these and most other the so-called "Third Wave Ska" bands belittling to the original ska concept.

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