9 Best Rooftop Bars in Metro Phoenix

The Nine Best Rooftop Bars in Metro Phoenix.
Tina Riddle and Katie Walter
The Nine Best Rooftop Bars in Metro Phoenix.
The three months out of the year where you should absolutely not spend a lot of time exposed to the Phoenix sun get way too much press. Three seasons out of four, unseasonable heat and drought conditions are a good thing, especially when it comes time to plan an evening at one of the many rooftop bars around town.

Here are nine of our favorites.

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9 Best Bars for Day Drinking in Metro Phoenix

Photos by New Times
There are a few reasons you might be looking to climb into a bottle of booze well before it's five o'clock anywhere. And regardless of the reasoning, there's a bar in this Valley to meet your needs. We've got dive bars options, wine bar options, and even Scottsdale sports bar options, each of which will fill up your cup and set just the right mood for a day long bender that may, or may not, continue all night long.

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10 Best Dive Bars in Metro Phoenix

Heather Hoch
Our favorite dive bars may be cheap and trashy but they're also full of charm.
Although craft cocktailing and mixology have made it trendy to spend way too much money on one drink, there will always be a place in our bar roster for a good old fashioned dive bar. Great jukeboxes, cheap drinks and the opportunity to shark some n00bs at pool keep us coming back to some of the seedier spots in town. The ambiance may not be for everyone, but if you can hang at any of these ten spots around the Phoenix-metro area, you're sure to have a fun, unique and usually rowdy time.

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10 Best Punk Bars in Phoenix

Melissa Fossum
Angry Samoans at Hollywood Alley
Phoenix has a long tradition of punk bars that serve up cheap beer and fast, aggressive (sometimes sloppy) punk rock. Some great venues have closed over the past few years, and while we dearly miss Jugheads and Rogue West, punk bars continue to thrive in the Valley of the Sun. Most are situated in unassuming suburban strip malls, but these locations continue to host some of the best local and national acts the genre has to offer.

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10 Best Country Bars in Metro Phoenix

William Westfall
Some bull-riding action at Country Thunder in Florence, not far from the spots on our 10 Best Country Bars in Metro Phoenix list.
Practically every Western film one can think of has at least one saloon scene, a place where the sound of honky-tonk piano creates the mood, where the town folk mix with the cowboys and ranchers, the gamblers and outlaws rub shoulders with the marshal and his deputies, and the mustachioed bartenders sling the whiskey shots and the draft beers. After all, a good saloon is the epicenter of a neighborhood, a small town or a big city, and the Valley -- a country town if there ever was one -- has a ton of good saloons to choose from when you want to get duded up in your Levi's, Tony Lama's, a Stetson, and pull up a bar stool for a longneck, kick up your heels for some boot-scootin,' or simply hang out, shoot some pool, and listen to a smokin' good country band.

Here are the 10 best country bars in the Valley, 10 rootin' tootin' spots where one might imagine John Wayne, if he weren't presently a ghost rider in the sky, dropping by for a brew after a day out on the range plugging the bad guys full of lead.

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Top 10 Hard Rock Venues in Phoenix

Jim Louvau
The Sword performing at Club Red in Tempe.
We're lucky in the Valley of the Sun. There are plenty of hole-in-the-wall venues, which, in most enthusiasts' opinion, are the best places to see a great show. Especially when it comes to hard rock and metal. We're not talking Slayer gigs with $45,000 worth of pyrotechnics, or the kind of places that host Buckcherry (whose tattoo bills are probably in the same price range); we're talking localized joints that play host to a bevy of heavy national and local bands. When you're really in the mood to rock out hard, you can't go wrong with our list of the Valley's 10 best hard rock venues.

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