Why Electric Forest Festival Is Worth Escaping to Michigan For

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As I've come to learn living in Arizona for my first summer ever, there's a new motive for looking forward to summer vacations: getting the hell out of town. 110-degree weather isn't my cup of tea, so why not a quick get-away?

This time last year I was leaving the muggy city of Houston with the same idea: To visit Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan. People ask me why I'm going again -- of course I sigh and laugh and say, "If only you knew." I'm not just being rude while trying to avoid their questions, but it was and still is almost impossible to describe Electric Forest in words. Some facial expressions, noise, dancing and even silence is necessary to get out what my get-away is really all about.

It might help if you know some of my adventures at last year's Forest, and what I hope to endure this time around. I may sound like some hippy hipster Mother Earth dweep, but the forest did teach me a lot about society and myself last year. The forest can teach you a few things, give or take.

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Why I Want to Date a Cowboy (Just Once)

Country guys are hot. The crowd at the Miranda Lambert show provided plenty of people-watching opportunities, complete with lots of overdressed people and gigantic trucks that dwarved my poor little Toyota.

I'm about as far from the "country girl" image as one can get, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to date a cowboy someday.

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Are You a Cute Blond Lady? Now Is a Good Time to Be in a Music Video

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Michelle Williams in Wild Nothing's "Paradise"

Last week, a couple of so-called indie bands released music videos that featured quirky blonde actresses. Michelle Williams traveled to Niagara Falls Wild Nothing's "Paradise" and The Girl Next Door Elisha Cuthbert imagines herself in a movie in The Gaslight Anthem's video for "Here Comes My Man." Both of these actresses may be successful and well known now, but the music video has long served as a platform for relatively unknown folks to get recognition and launch their career (case in point: Courtney Cox).

Through tons of music video watching, I discovered a trend-- most of these music video actresses are blonde and range from A-listers to up-and-coming "it" girls. With that, if you have blonde hair and people say you're a good looking girl, it might be time for you to make an appearance in a music video.

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Forget the S.S. Coachella; Now There's a Music Festival on a Plane

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Culture Collide Festival.jpg
Filter Magazine
Someone has taken concert creativity to a whole new level. I can't decide if they're an idiot or a genius, but their idea is definitely ridiculous; so much so that I'm set on believing it's just not cool. An announcement was made yesterday that the first in-flight music festival will take place later this year. Yes, really: there's going to be a music festival on an airplane.

Virgin America and Filter Magazine have teamed up to bring festival fanatics and music lovers a coast-to-coast traveling "experience" called I'm With the Band. The October 3 flight will be taking off from JFK and landing at LAX. The event is a tie-in to the Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles. For $139, you can watch acoustic performances by Penguin Prison, as well as DJ sets from both Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal and School of Seven Bells. It's a cool lineup, it's just a bit of a ridiculous concept.

First of all, anyone in attendance is only "with the band" because they're trapped with them in a flying box in the sky. Secondly, I'd be interested in hearing about how entertaining the DJ sets were, considering everyone will have to stay seated for as long as the "fasten seatbelt" sign goes off. Thirdly, what if a set isn't your thing? There's no option to walk away and check out what's on in a different tent or on another stage this time. You're stuck, and if you don't like the music, you're SOL, bro.

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What's Nirvana's Best Album? Hint: It's Not Nevermind

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nirvana one -thumb-550.jpg
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If you aren't familiar with Nirvana's sophomore release, 1991's Nevermind, you were probably born after the Y2K scare or believe that music peaked when Rush released Moving Pictures. The work from the Seattle grungesters -- which brought true alternative rock to mainstream radio airplay with "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Come As You Are," and "Lithium" -- is considered by many to be the most important rock album of the past three decades. We disagree. In fact, we don't even think it's Nirvana's best work.

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Are Casino Concerts Guaranteed to Suck?

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Los Tigers Del Norte are scheduled to perform Friday, August 3, at Ovations Live! Showroom at Wild Horse Pass and Casino.
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I've always considered casino venues at the bottom of a musician's career, just above the state fair circuit. But as this year's good-to-great State Fair concert roster proves, sometimes things aren't as simple as they seem.

Still, I thought of these places as a refuge for the struggling or the irrelevant. But lately the casino venues around the valley have, well, stepped up their game. Significantly. It raises an important question: Are these venues becoming an important part of the Valley's music scene?

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F*ck You, I Like Dave Matthews Band

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Dave Matthews Band announced yesterday that they'll be dropping their new album, Away From the World, on September 11. Their highly anticipated follow-up to Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King will feature 11 new tracks.

People aren't shy about hating on DMB, but the band's music isn't just for frat boys and hippies. It's for normal people, too, and it's about more than just mellow vibes and hacky sacks. As a longtime fan, I own multiple t-shirts that I wear proudly. Yes, I get funny looks when I wear them in Arizona, and I don't care. (I don't get those funny looks in my home state.) I've seen the band live on multiple occasions, including their headlining set at Bonnaroo in 2010, and every time I saw them I drove at least two hours (and as much as 16).

Bring it on, readers. I am ready to defend your ridiculously negative quips about why you think DMB sucks.

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Are Local Residencies Really Necessary?

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snakesnakesnakes (1).jpg
Snake! Snake! Snakes! began its Rogue Bar residency on Saturday, June 16.
Editor's note: Occasionally, Up on the Sun contributor Christina Caldwell chimes in on local music, tackling topics like "how to get press" and asking questions like "What makes the ideal music venue?" This week, she addresses a topic we've looked at before -- the concept of local clubs doing month-long residencies here in Phoenix. What do you guys think of residencies? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

Honestly, what is a "residency?"

I know the technical definition, yes. For those who don't, it means a regular engagement a at single venue, usually for a specified length of time.

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Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Kreayshawn and Tragik Make Fools of Themselves in New Group L$D

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"Don't smoke my blunt, bitch."
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For the most part, Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Kreayshawn and Tragik are each decent artists as separate entities (with the exception, of course, being Kreayshawn). For whatever reason, they've teamed up to form a group called L$D (short for Lesbian Satanic Druglords... obviously), and it's definitely even stranger than could be expected.

We love when artists get weird, but L$D has taken things a little too far. Seriously, what is this shit?

We'll elaborate on our feelings of confusion and WTF-ness after the jump...

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Coachella 2013 Presale: Change Is A-Comin'

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Coachella 2013.jpg
Last year's ticket sales for Coachella were a complete clusterfuck. This year, the good people of Goldenvoice are enstating some interesting changes, both for the better and for the worse, depending on your individual situation.

Plenty of ticket buyers may face new dilemmas. Some of the general changes will make it harder for groups to coordinate their trip. Meanwhile, scalpers and ticket flippers might have a tougher time this year, as well.

Check out more changes after the jump...

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