Elton John, Mumford & Sons, Black Keys Headline to Outside Lands

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Melissa Fossum
St. Vincent will bring her weird self to Outside Lands.

Outside Lands, the San Francisco music festival, released its lineup today, including an impressive group of top-line headliners.

Elton John, Mumford & Sons, Black Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Wilco, D'Angelo, and more top the lineup this year, which is heavy on the indie rock.

The festival takes place August 7 through 9 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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Watch the Video of that Scottsdale Bar Fight That Led to Three Arrests

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Benjamin Leatherman
Gus' New York Pizza Lounge in Scottsdale.
Things get particularly crazy on weekend nights in Scottsdale's entertainment district when last call looms -- and we mean even crazier than its usual brand of madness.

Grab a spot on the sidewalk anywhere along Saddlebag Trail or Stetson Drive in the early hours of Saturday or Sunday and you'll witness any combination of the following as the nearby bars and clubs disgorge their clientele: stumbling pratfalls, drunken boastings, giddy shenanigans, repeated bro-downs, sexist catcalls, shouting matches, and, yes, fistfights.

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Closed for Business: American Junkie in Scottsdale

Benjamin Leatherman
The sign inside the new-and-improved (and currently closed) American Junkie in Scottsdale.
So much for American Junkie 2.0. The Scottsdale nightlife hangout and day-drinking hangout for football fans, which shut down for several weeks over the summer for extensive renovations, has apparently closed again. And there's been no indication if it will be reopening anytime soon.

For the last several weekends, American Junkie, which is located along 75th Street on the eastern edge of Scottsdale's entertainment district, has been completely dark on weekend nights and other periods when most other Scottsdale bars and clubs are doing brisk business, including nearby spots like Boondocks and The Lodge.

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Los Dias de la Crescent to Expand to Civic Space Park on Saturday, November 15

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Abraham Karam
Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta performs at Los Dias de la Crescent in 2013.
So, how bummed were you when last week's Belle & Sebastian concert got moved the outdoor from Civic Space Park to the indoor, seated Orpheum Theatre setup due to rain? Well, chin up, kids. We knew it wouldn't be long before Stateside Presents' Charlie Levy announced another Civic Space show, and this time he's using his venue's namesake event to do it. Los Dias de la Crescent's 2014 event is now expanding to Civic Space Park, but that's not all that's changed with the annual celebration of local music, which takes place Saturday, November 15.

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Facebook Cedes Ground to Drag Queens on "Real Name" Policy

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Lina Lecaro
Heklina at Trannyshack LA

By Lina Lecaro

After fierce blowback from a disgruntled community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender folk, and more, Facebook has eased enforcement of its "real name" policy.

Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said in a Facebook post that the whole situation took the company by surprise. Some individual decided to mass-report the drag queens, kings, etc., to Facebook as using fake names. In most of the fake-name reports the company receives, Cox says, are legitimate, so the company treated them as they always do.

"These reports were among the several hundred thousand fake name reports we process every single week, 99 percent of which are bad actors doing bad things: impersonation, bullying, trolling, domestic violence, scams, hate speech, and more -- so we didn't notice the pattern," Cox writes.

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Cassette Store Day Provokes A Mixed Reaction in Phoenix

Photo by Troy Farah

Sure, you know about Record Store Day, but some people don't have $15 to drop on a 7" single and maybe some people are just a little bit nostalgic for lo-fi. If that sounds like you, then get ready for Cassette Store Day, coming to you worldwide this Saturday September 27.

Although this is only the second year for Cassette Store Day, the event seems to be gaining steam as analogue becomes vogue again. For many DIY musicians, the cost to produce cassettes is far cheaper than CDs or vinyl, making it easier to give their fans something besides an MP3. Like its predecessors Record Store Day and Free Comic Book Day, CSD serves as a great way for people to get excited about music again.

"They provide a real tangible experience that is sorely lacking in today's massively digital culture," says Robbie Pfeffer, co-founder of local cassette label Rubber Brother Records and frontman for the weird punk-funk band Playboy Manbaby. "They're fun, they're inexpensive and they're hand-made. They're little pieces of art that hold art. Also, they include digital downloads, so you don't suffer for the medium."

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KDKB Switches Formats to Alternative Rock

...but not for much longer.
If you tune into KDKB right now -- 93.3 on your FM dial -- you'll hear something a bit different from the classic/hard rock station's usual offerings of Ozzy, Metallica, Judas Priest, or AC/DC.

At this exact moment, the local radio institution is broadcasting nothing but wall-to-wall Richard Cheese, including the comedy lounge singer's covers of Limp Bizkit's "Nookie," Sublime's "Wrong Way," and "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers. (As such, its also temporarily become known as 93.3 The Cheese.")

It's known in the radio biz as "stunting," an attention-grabbing gimmick that's employed by a particular station right before it switches over to an entirely new format, which, apparently, is what's happening at KDKB.

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The Oasis 95.1 FM Promises 55 Minutes of Music, But Why Would You Want to Listen?

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Flickr via Steele Burrow
Change the station, please.

For several hours this week, I've been listening to The Oasis 95.1 FM, a radio station that underwent a format change two weeks ago. Branded as 'Lite & Refreshing,' it goes down exactly like a diet Sprite -- zero calories, a vague hint of flavor, leaving an empty, fizzy feeling. This is so-called 'Soft Adult Contemporary,' one of the most neutered and boring formats available.

So while The Oasis promises "55 minutes of music per hour," the offer is about as appealing as shaving Zach Galifianakis' feet. Actually, I'd probably prefer that. What kind of regurgitation can you expect to catch on The Oasis? There's a wealth of filler like Lionel Ritchie, Chicago, Céline Dion, Tina Turner, and whatever else your shut-in aunt listens to while eating Banquet meals.

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Allred Guitars Continues Grand Avenue Vitalization


Even if it still looks a little greasy to some, Grand Avenue near downtown just keeps getting better and better, what with the addition of Grand Avenue Pizza and the recently renovated ThirdSpace restaurant and bar. Soon to join the many quirky galleries and mechanic shops is Allred Guitars & Guitar Repair, opening right behind Bragg's Pie Factory (facing McKinley) at 1301 Grand Aveune, Suite 7.

The new shop will be hosting a grand opening on this coming First Friday, September 5, from 6 to 10 p.m. There'll be refreshments and maybe even some live music. RSVP here.

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Thieves Steal Gold Records From Former Player Drummer John Friesen

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The members of Player, including drummer John Friesen (far right).
Heads up, music lovers: If you happen to spy someone trying to hock a few gold records at a local pawn shop -- particularly one for the 1977 Player hit "Baby Come Back" -- better call the Phoenix Police Department, STAT.

That's because John Friesen, the former drummer for the '70s soft rock band and current Valley resident, is the rightful owner of said golden discs, which were stolen from his North Phoenix home earlier this month.

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