Alice Cooper's New "Doc Opera" Details Drug Abuse and Other Sordid Stories

Alice Cooper's new "doc opera" is coming to Phoenix.

Anything involving Alice Cooper is bound to push the boundaries of what's normal in the world of pop culture and music. Forty-five years after he began shocking the world for the first time, Cooper, along with a team of filmmakers, Cooper is back, this time in film form.

Unveiled as the first "doc opera," Super Duper Alice Cooper is a sight to be seen; a detailing of Vincent Furnier's childhood from a preacher's son to his transformation into Alice Cooper, followed by a brutal battle with the character that almost killed the real man behind the makeup -- all in the name of celebrating how the extremely influential and accomplished man came out for the better in the end. It isn't about glamorizing the hedonistic, chaotic and typical rock star lifestyle; it's a story of strong family bonds and how they can get us through the darkest of times. It's about survival, suffering, and stability.

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Rob Zombie Involved in Not One, But Two Upcoming Horror-Related Projects

Maria Vassett
Rob Zombie performs at KUPD's Desert Uprising in 2012.
The marriage of horror cinema and heavy metal -- it's a match made in heaven for me and probably hell for others, like my girlfriends who prefer pop music and romantic comedies. Either way, it's one of my favorite topics and we've definitely got some fresh blood on the matter for this week's edition of Metal Mondays.

Last year, New Times spoke with Rob Zombie, who said his movie Lords of Salem would be his last horror film for a "really long time." Apparently, it seems that a "really long time" isn't as long as you might think, since the heavy metal icon reportedly has changed his mind.

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Metalocalypse's Brendon Small: From Death Metal to Playgirl

Categories: Metal Mondays

Thumbnail image for P_BrendonSmall2.jpg
Brendon Small
Creating a virtual band that somehow became the highest-charting death metal band in history and posing in Playgirl magazine aren't usually two things that go hand-in-hand. However, neither is directing a Soundgarden music video, then releasing a solo album, and co-headlining alongside Mastodon in said fictional metal band -- just because fans wanted the cartoon band to tour that badly.

But that's all part of the bigger picture in Brendon Small's life, which is consumed by the February 25 release of the Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem CD/vinyl soundtrack. The rock opera is based on the Adult Swim series Metalocalypse, Small's television project, in which he co-produces, co-writes, composes music, and provides his voice-acting talents. If you haven't seen it, you're probably not a true metalhead -- seriously.

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The Most Metal Instruments at NAMM

John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
You break it, you buy it.
A few weeks back, I wrote about the most metal moments at NAMM, but now I'd like to touch base on some of the amazing products at the one of the largest music trade shows in the world.

Manufacturers seem to have found a way of creating affordable instruments that sound amazing, and at NAMM I discovered quite a few.

But I'm not talking about the usual brands like Marshall and Fender -- there are a ton of other instrumental purveyors that have an impressive lineup of products, and two of my current favorites are Korg and Samson.

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Marilyn Manson's Twisted Relationship with Lewis Carroll

Confession time: Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite childhood films. In fact, I had an Alice in Wonderland tea set with cracked cups picturing the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter. Don't judge me, but it's one of the one things I've managed to keep over the years in an old storage bin, alongside my Polaroid camera and and a Guns N' Roses mix tape. As an adult, I even dabbled in a creepy, bloody wonderful Alice in Wonderland photo shoot.

As I got older and read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking Glass (gifted to me by a friend who boasted a sexy pin-up Alice tattoo), you realize just how sick and twisted author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, really was.

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The Biggest Metal Moments of NAMM 2014

John Gilhooley
Two attendees of NAMM 2014. See more photos via our sister publication OC Weekly's slideshow.
The last time I told people I was going to 'Nam, I was actually heading off to backpack through Vietnam for a month with a stop off in Cambodia and Taiwan. And the general reply was, "Why the hell would you want to do that?"

However, last week when I was heading off to a NAMM of a different sort -- namely, the National Association of Music Merchants in Anaheim, California -- the reaction was one of excitement and a tad bit of jealousy. And since I had never been to the music industry convention, I had no idea what to really expect.

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Phil Anselmo Actually Doesn't Know How to Wind Down

Brandon Marshall, Westword
Nowadays, Phil Anselmo is mostly an open book. On one hand, he's creating a "brand," even though much of his time is dedicated to representing everything that doesn't want to be branded. On the other, it's an underground brand of being fucking hostile, and he finds a way to somehow stay under the radar while being the biggest advocate of all that is underground.

During this interview, we talked about his Housecore Horror Film Festival EP, one of the most extreme projects he's been involved with, and how the new Down album sounds like old, obscure Black Sabbath. He also details his feelings about playing Metal Masters 5, the three albums he would take to a deserted island, how he gave up on good tattoos a long time ago. Anselmo even got a little choked up talking about how emotional the holidays can be when recalling memories of Pantera, and what it will be like to play those songs with the very guys who influenced him in his youth.

And when asked what personality trait he could change about himself, his reply was a little surprising. "I'm going to go with laziness, man."


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Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica: The Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2014

Glen La Ferman
Metal supergroup Killer Be Killed will release its debut album in 2014.
Last year was surprisingly good for metal. Not only did we have some mosh pit-worthy tours and festivals -- those only seem to increase every year -- but there were a ton of kick-ass album releases, as well. Amon Amarth's Deceiver of the Gods, Ghost B.C.'s Infestissuman, Phil Anselmo's Walk Through Exits Only, Ministry's From Beer to Eternity -- just take a look at our list of the 21 best heavy metal albums of 2013.

And this year, the metal gods are on our side yet again -- 2014 will be a really good one for heavy metal. Some of the biggest bands in the genre are set to drop some new albums in the upcoming months. Here's why it's time to get fucking pumped.

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9 Obscure Heavy Metal Movie Cameos

Last night, metal god Rob Halford from Judas Priest made a guest voice appearance on an episode of The Simpsons called "Steal This Episode." In a nutshell, Homer became annoyed with movie theaters, so Bart taught him how to download movies illegally. Of course, Homer thinks this revelation kicks ass until he's caught.

The Simpsons has had some great musical cameos, which got me think about other great heavy metal movie appearances. And I'm not just talking about the regular metal-inspired films that we all know and love. I'm talking about the weird ones.

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The 21 Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2013

Thumbnail image for Ghost B.C.
Ghost BC
It's that time of year where our focus is officially shifting from reflecting on 2013 to preparing for 2014. Another 365 days have swept by, full of heavy metal ups and downs, groupies and drug overdoses, mind-blowing riffs and sold-out shows. The state of metal in 2013 certainly hasn't blown my mind--I mean, bad pop music is so pervasive in our culture that it's difficult for any other genre to avoid drowning in the thick, soupy droning known as mainstream music.

However, there was interesting music being made this past year, and lots of heavy metal news and some great interviews. And it was a busy year for Metal Mondays. In tradition end of year "best of" lists, here are a handful of my favorite Metal Mondays that ran in 2013, from interviews with world-renowned metal legends to the insane local metal scene.

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