Top 10 Metro Phoenix Metal Vocalists

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Halo Isgod of Element A440.
When it comes to categorizing what makes a great heavy metal vocalist, there are a lot of factors that come into play. First off, there's the matter of subgenres. Mainstream, Swedish, death, black, melodic -- as much as I hate to pay attention to this bottomless list, it's a fact of the industry.

And then there are the standards by which you measure a great metal singer, typically including power, vocal range and variation in tone. It also matters if you like clean melodic singers (Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Dave Draiman of Disturbed), or harsh growlers (Amon Amarth's Johann Hegg, At The Gates' Tomas Lindburg).

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UFest: Radio Rock Band Devour the Day's Joey Walser Talks Tacos and the Pressure for Perfection

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Daniel Mandell
Devour the Day rose from the ashes of Egypt Central.

Devour the Day might sound like a morbid name for a band; but that's because the members were going through some pretty dark times. The group was born out of another band's demise, and the uncertainty that followed.

When American rock band Egypt Central disintegrated in 2012, bassist Joey Walser and drummer Blake Allison decided to form Devour the Day and share guitar and vocal duties. In just two short years, the hard rock duo (touring lineup also consists of guitarist David Hoffman and drummer Ronnie Farris) has toured with Sevendust, Theory of a Dead Man, In This Moment, Sick Puppies and other well-known bands -- they've even shared the stage with Aerosmith. In 2013, their debut album Time & Pressure was released, and then was re-released in 2014 as a remixed and remastered format.

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Gemini Syndrome's Aaron Nordstrom: "We Try to Run on All Cylinders If We Can"

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Jonathan Weiner/WBR
Gemini Syndrome is scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 12, at KUPD's UFest.
The five musicians of L.A.-based band Gemini Syndrome create such an electric reaction among themselves, it might be construed as too many primal forces colliding. However, it just happens to work out beautifully in their music.

As their live set kicks off, the first thing you notice is guitarist Rich Juzwick's and Mike Salerno's brilliant string work. That's followed up by the thumping rhythms of Italian bassist Alessandro "A.P." Paveri. And the finishing touch is when animated dramatic beats come in, compliments of drummer Brian Steele Medina and the resonating, melodic vocals of singer Aaron Nordstrom (formerly of OTEP) that can power through any crowd, whether it's 50 people or 15,000, like when they perform at KUPD's Ufest this Saturday in Mesa.

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10 Must-See Metro Phoenix Metal Concerts in April

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Robert John
Motorhead is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, April 15, at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino in Chandler.
Now more than ever, there are a lot of metal -- from comedy to thrash to black to grindcore -- getting slung in and around Metro Phoenix thanks to concerts and gigs by locals and touring acts alike. As such, Up on the Sun's resident metal scribe, Lauren Wise, is on the lookout for the best upcoming shows.

That's why we have her compile a monthly list of the best metal and hard rock concerts that will be staged at venues around the Valley during the month of April, and so far in 2014, this seems to be the month of metal. From a delicious mix of national acts like Behemoth and Dillinger Escape Plan, to local favorite bands and promoter parties, each is worth checking out.

Plus, since Club Red is moving next month, its calendar is packed to the metal-studded brim with metal.

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Rob Zombie Involved in Not One, But Two Upcoming Horror-Related Projects

Maria Vassett
Rob Zombie performs at KUPD's Desert Uprising in 2012.
The marriage of horror cinema and heavy metal -- it's a match made in heaven for me and probably hell for others, like my girlfriends who prefer pop music and romantic comedies. Either way, it's one of my favorite topics and we've definitely got some fresh blood on the matter for this week's edition of Metal Mondays.

Last year, New Times spoke with Rob Zombie, who said his movie Lords of Salem would be his last horror film for a "really long time." Apparently, it seems that a "really long time" isn't as long as you might think, since the heavy metal icon reportedly has changed his mind.

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Top 12 March Metal Shows in Metro Phoenix

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Courtesy Photo
Carcass is scheduled to perform on Monday, March 24, at The Pressroom.
It can be easy to miss unless you're looking for it, but there are a lot of metal (heavy or otherwise) getting slung in and around Metro Phoenix, thanks to concerts and gigs by locals and touring acts alike. As such, Up on the Sun's resident metal scribe, Lauren Wise, is on the lookout for the best upcoming shows.

That's why we had her compile a monthly list of the best metal and hard rock concerts that will be staged at venues around the Valley during the month of March. Each is worth checking out, especially if you're into local metal.

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The Most Metal Instruments at NAMM

John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
You break it, you buy it.
A few weeks back, I wrote about the most metal moments at NAMM, but now I'd like to touch base on some of the amazing products at the one of the largest music trade shows in the world.

Manufacturers seem to have found a way of creating affordable instruments that sound amazing, and at NAMM I discovered quite a few.

But I'm not talking about the usual brands like Marshall and Fender -- there are a ton of other instrumental purveyors that have an impressive lineup of products, and two of my current favorites are Korg and Samson.

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The Genitorturers: "Before Cell Phones, Our Shows Were Much More Extreme"

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Courtesy Photo
The Genitorturers are scheduled to perform on Saturday, February 15, at Marquee Theatre in Tempe.
For bands that take the stage at any of the Fetish Revolution events, the term "tough crowd" can take on an entirely new meaning. The annual party is equal parts sexual dream (or nightmare, depending on who you ask), bondage carnival, alternative lifestyle symposium, and lingerie fashion show.

It's one thing to perform for a crowd of people when they are staring back at you from behind zippered bondage masks and masquerade makeup, but it's quite another to compete with the other entertainment of the evening -- flogging shows, live suspensions, and sexy vendor demonstrations.

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Marilyn Manson's Twisted Relationship with Lewis Carroll

Confession time: Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite childhood films. In fact, I had an Alice in Wonderland tea set with cracked cups picturing the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter. Don't judge me, but it's one of the one things I've managed to keep over the years in an old storage bin, alongside my Polaroid camera and and a Guns N' Roses mix tape. As an adult, I even dabbled in a creepy, bloody wonderful Alice in Wonderland photo shoot.

As I got older and read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel Through the Looking Glass (gifted to me by a friend who boasted a sexy pin-up Alice tattoo), you realize just how sick and twisted author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll, really was.

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Corey Taylor and Stone Sour Dip Their Toes in Other Media

Courtesy Photo
Stone Sour
Few bands can straddle the fine line between hard rock and heavy metal -- or underground credibility and commercial viability -- as well as Stone Sour.

The band has released five studio albums, each of which has challenged and exceeded the band's -- and its fans -- expectations. Stone Sour has earned three Grammy nominations (all for Best Metal Performance) and has sold more than 4 million albums worldwide in the process.

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