Wayne Coyne Swaps Phantogram for Treasure MammaL on "She's Leaving Home"

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Back in April, we reported that Wayne Coyne had tapped beloved Phoenix weirdo-rockers Treasure MammaL to participate in a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cover album, called With a Little Help From My Fwends.

It started after the Flaming Lips saw Treasure MammaL perform at Coyne's Oklahoma City art gallery, The Womb. Coyne then reached out to Gil, asked him to pick a song, and Gil chose "She's Leaving Home," the Lennon-McCartney creation about a girl who runs away from her parents.

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Palabra Collective Is the Best Place in Phoenix to Hear Cumbia

Carlos Reyes
Palabra now migth be the best place in Phoenix to hear cumbia.

Earlier this year, during the First Friday art walk, you would find a couple dozen people hanging out outside Palabra - Phoenix's up-and-coming hair and art collective. It wasn't that the people wanted to enjoy the fresh air (not with our weather), the former space simply couldn't fit the rising number of attendees to their monthly gatherings. Palabra's owner and curator Jorge Ignacio Torres (one of our 100 Creatives) realized it was time to expand to a bigger space.

As a hair salon during the day, Palabra didn't really need to expand. But as a place of ideas and artistic endeavors, it was the right move to make. While New Times has celebrated Palabra's cultural contributions, there's another attraction: Palabra is the best place to listen to cumbia.

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Check Out the Massive, All-Local Lineup for the Arizona Hip Hop Festival

JustUs Samuel, mastermind of Arizona Hip Hop Festival

On October 18 at Comerica Theatre, more than 80 Arizona MCs, DJs, and performers will get together for what must be the largest local hip-hop show ever thrown, Arizona Hip Hop Festival.

This staggering undertaking is the brainchild of JustUs Samuel, the rapper and founder of Respect the Underground, which hosts hip-hop nights a couple of times a month at Joe's Grotto.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online or via any of the artists directly.

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Miny, Phoenix Metal Drummer-Turned-Rapper, Is Addicted to Music

K.C. Libman

Mindy DuPonte sees the big picture. No matter what aspect of her life is in question, she's prepped with an answer, a plan, or an approach, whether she's talking about songwriting, one-year plans, or mixtape rollouts. It's likely the best way to operate at the moment, as DuPonte's hip-hop career is looking to jump off. Rapping under the moniker Miny, she's dropped a cypher on the roof of HipHop DX's headquarters, has just released her mixtape Demon, and is about to leave to play the iTunes Music Festival in London this month.

This isn't the first time she's experienced musical success, however, even if the likes of which is more than noteworthy for a local artist. You also may know DuPonte from her days in Hellen, the death metal act that featured her on drums and vocals. Formed when she was just 13, with her older sister Desiree on guitar, Hellen made waves both near and far.

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4 Great New Songs by Phoenix Artists

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Jeff Niemoeller Photography
The Limit Club

Here's some tasty new ear candy for you, all brought to you by Phoenix-based artists.

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Paul "PC" Cardone on Being a "One-Man Social Network" for the Local Music Scene

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Jeff Newton
Paul "PC" Cardone: the "Mayor of Tempe" and a go-to guy in local music for more than three decades.
When the Tempe History Museum unveils its long-awaited exhibition delving into the city's storied live music past later this year, don't be surprised if there's little to no mention of Paul "PC" Cardone amongst the many displays doting on the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments, or other local jangle-pop icons.

By all rights there should be, however, considering that the bassist and badass rock 'n' roll oracle has quietly served as an influential staple and unsung hero of Tempe music for more than 30 years.

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Questions Remain in Tito Torbellino's Death as One Alleged Killer Gunned by Mexican Police

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Courtesy of Celebrity Theatre
Mexican police say they shot and killed one of the murderers of Tito Torbellino.

Remember Tomas Tovar Rascon, a.k.a. Tito Torbellino, the Phoenix-born banda singer who was brutally assassinated in a restaurant in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico, in late May?

News came late July that Mexican police shot and killed one of the men responsible for the murder.

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The Digital Melancholy of Electrisad Is Like John Hughes in Mp3 Form

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Courtesy of

Electrisad has had a very punctuated emergence as a fixture in the Phoenix scene.

In the space of a few months, the band has opened up for several prominent acts in the national DIY indie scene such as Julie Byrne, Emperor X, and Your Heart Breaks. Saying that isn't meant as an empty "has shared the stage with..." cliche of hyping up a band. It's more about context. Having attended some of those shows with the explicit purpose of seeing the touring headliners above anything else, Electrisad stuck with me less as a defacto local opener and more of a solid band in their own right. A testament to that might be that I remembered their songs without ever seeking out the recorded versions (a scant amount can be found here).

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The Black Moods: "We Want People to be Sad to Our Songs, and Also Have Sex to Our Songs."

Photo by Jeremy Huse
The Black Moods are scheduled to perform Saturday, August 30, at Crescent Ballroom.

Black Moods fans eagerly anticipating the release of the rock band's follow-up to their eclectic self-titled debut album will have to hold their breath a little longer. The Phoenix-based trio is tabling their upcoming album for a short time in an effort to strengthen the material, lengthen the album, and fine-tune the details. The decision came as a request from the band's new management team, Street Smart Marketing, who is working to push the group to the next level in their career.

"In the past year and a half, we've learned a lot about business," Black Moods drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz explains, "and about touring. We decided our goals were to get management, and then get a record label -- we've hit the first goal, and we have management now."

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Check Out One Demented House Party in Fairy Bones' New Music Video

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We're starting to think Fairy Bones throws good parties.

Fairy Bones frontwoman Chelsey Louise Richard said that every song on the band's upcoming album, Dramabot, is going to have a video to go with it, and they are starting out with the album's first single, "Waiting."

The video depicts what is essentially the scariest house party you've ever seen. It was kind of like a cross between a house show, and the turkish bathhouse scene from Batman & Robin.

Okay, maybe not that scary, but it is still a bunch of neon-colored crazies doing something in a house that looks like a cross between partying and cult ritual. With one serious-looking hula-hooper.

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