On 10th Anniversary of Futures, Jimmy Eat World Still Relishes the Present

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Michael Elins
Jimmy Eat World iscelebrating the 10th anniversary of their album, Futures.

Back in 2004, when Jimmy Eat World released its fifth album, Futures, singer/guitarist Jim Adkins sang in the title track that he hoped "for better in November" and that listeners would "believe your voice can mean something."

It was around this time President George W. Bush was up for re-election against Senator John Kerry. The song wasn't released as a single until the following year (Adkins says he's fine with the label's decision to release "Pain" as the lead single), and Bush took his seat again in the White House.

Despite any political swaying "Futures" could have made 10 years ago, Adkins insists that, despite the album name, he tries to live in the moment -- an attitude that has seen him through more than 20 years of playing with the band.

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Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World Digs into 4 Songs from Futures

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Tony Woolliscroft
Jimmy Eat World: celebrating 10 years of 'Futures'

As Jimmy Eat World gets ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their album Futures on Thursday, October 30, at Marquee Theatre, singer/guitarist Jim Adkins reflects on the inspiration behind some of the album tracks, including a number one hit on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, "Pain."

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The Haymarket Squares Make Democracy Work for Them in "Buy My Vote" Video

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Jeff Moses
Haymarket Squares, performing at Apache Lake Music Festival

Whether or not you agree with their political views there is no denying that downtown Phoenix's original protest band The Haymarket Squares is one of the most distinctly talented groups in town. The all strings quintet make some pretty amazing sounds when they get on stage, or in the studio.

Something else the Squares seem to have a knack for is mischief. Whether it's guitarist John Luther handing out business cards proclaiming himself a rabble rouser, or mandolin/accordion/keys player Mark Sunman's appearance on a list of known agitators at Phoenix-based protests, the Squares never miss a chance to stick it to the man.

For their next big middle finger to the system, the punk-grass band is releasing their video for their track "Buy My Vote" just less than a week before election day. Because the song is a stark reminder that who one votes for doesn't matter, all that matters is which candidate is balling the most.

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Kendrick Lamar, Fall Out Boy, Korn Headline Pot of Gold Music Festival in Tempe

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Artist website
Kendrick Lamar

It seems one music festival at Tempe Beach Park in six months wasn't enough for Lucky Man Concerts -- on Saturday the promoter announced another event, the Pot of Gold Music Festival, on March 13-15 and March 17.

That's right, four days of music.

And the lineup is pretty massive, as well.

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Singer Tyson Stevens Dies in Tucson

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Facebook page
An publicity photo from Tyson Stevens' old band, Gilbert-based Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

Tyson Stevens, the lead singer of now-defunct Gilbert band Scary Kids Scaring Kids, has died in Tuscon. He was 29.

The news was first reported by Alternative Press Tuesday, October 21. Later that day, the Facebook page of Coma Prevail, Stevens' most recent band, confirmed the news.

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Apache Lake Music Festival Offers Phoenix Music Fans a Wilderness Retreat

Benjamin Leatherman
Dry River Yacht Club is performing at Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend.

What could be better than a beautiful lake, some great music, and the opportunity to spend a few days jamming out, fishing, and camping? For many, there isn't anything much better, and the Apache Lake Music Festival offers the opportunity to combine several different pleasure about 60 miles from Phoenix at the Apache Lake Marina and Resort on Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25.

The five-year-old festival is the brainchild of Brannon Kleinlein, who also owns and operates Last Exit Live in downtown Phoenix.

"This is our fifth year of putting on the festival, so we are excited about reaching that little milestone. Attendees can expect a nice diversity of music from some of Arizona's top local bands performing in a truly majestic outdoor setting," Kleinlein says. "The attendees get to enjoy lakeside camping but still have some normal everyday amenities such as indoor restrooms, full restaurant and bar, and a small convenience store to buy any needed supplies. With our outdoor Main Stage, Indoor Stage, and Acoustic Cantina, we offer three areas of live music, so there is never a shortage of live entertainment for concertgoers."

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MIMFest Offers Prime Chance for Global Musical Tourism

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Courtesy of Musical Instrument Museum
Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta

The Musical Instrument Museum gathers a vast collection of the world's music under one roof. And when it throws a music festival, it brings musicians from all over the world and spreads the noise over multiple stages for a weekend that will expose Phoenix residents to an incredibly diverse range of genres.

Performing at MIMFest, which happens this Saturday, October 18, and Sunday, October 19, at the museum grounds, are the Mali-born, Grammy-nominated Bassekou Kouyate, one of the world's foremost players of an African lute known as the ngoni, and Latin jazz great Poncho Sanchez. Traditional string duo Billy Strings and Don Julin are also on the bill, as are Tex-Mex pioneers Max Baca & Flaco Jimenez. That's four vastly different styles of music, and those are just four of the 17 acts scheduled for the weekend.

"We have designed it to be really fun-filled, music-filled two days that reflect the mission and passion of the museum," says Lowell Pickett, the music theater's artistic director.

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The Venomous Pinks Are a Punk Band, Not a Girl Band


Punk rock comes in all shapes, all sizes, all colors, and all genders. Originally, it was a badge of courage with the ability to supersede all of the aforementioned labels, but somewhere along the way, it has segmented itself like other aspects of society -- probably because of the stupid human brain, but that is another story altogether.

What's important here is the simple fact that The Venomous Pinks are a punk band. Not a "girl" band or a "chick" band, but a punk band, and on October 17, they will celebrate the release of their second EP, Exes and Whoas, at the Yucca Tap Room.

Even in this day and age, when anyone with a thousand bucks and a cassette recorder can put out a CD, the second EP for a four-year-old band is no small feat. Better yet, people around town seem to actually like The Venomous Pinks (as they should) and are excited about this release. Drea Doll (guitar), Gaby Kaos (bass), and Jukie (drums) have created a powerful five-song offering drenched in frustration, attitude, and East Coast-style punk panache. With the recent addition of former Dames (longtime local punks who also featured Drea Doll) guitar player Corrie Zazzera to round out the sound, these musicians are ready to take the next step in their evolution.

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Belle & Sebastian Concert Moved to Orpheum Theatre Due to Rain

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Belle & Sebastian

Isn't this place supposed to be a desert?

This new weather system that is moving in promises to bring about a half-inch of rain has already done some damage. Stateside Presents announced today via a press release that the Belle & Sebastian show scheduled for Civic Space Park on Wednesday, October 8, has been moved to Orpheum Theatre due to the expected rainfall.

That makes three outdoor shows spoiled by rain. Just two weeks ago, concerts at Arcosanti and Tempe Beach Park were washed away by inclement weather.

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Check Out These Four Singles From Phoenix Musicians

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Jane Joyce
Craving a respite from the same stuff you're hearing on the radio? Check out these four new locally released songs, flavors for any musical taste.

"Looking at You," Jane Joyce

Local singer-songwriter Jane Joyce worked with producer Gardner Cole for her new track "Looking at You," a song she said she wrote when he challenged her to write an EDM track, fitting in with one of the most popular genres today, while still putting her own twist on it.

"Lyrically ,it is about a young woman's search for a mate, and how we can build up love in our mind's into something incredible and exciting," Joyce says. "I hope my music will get people dancing. My goal is to write feel-good music.

Take a listen to the song below.

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