Brad Delson of Linkin Park Snitched on Sublime With Rome, Manager Says

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Brad Delson of Linkin Park had cops seize Sublime WIth Rome's weed, says Sublime With Rome's manager.

We've been reporting on the "Linkin Nark" fiasco, and the latest salvo has come from Sublime With Rome's manager, who named Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson as the man responsible for getting Sublime's weed seized by police.

Sublime With Rome manager Mike "Cheeze" Brown -- yes, that's his preferred moniker -- went on Beef Vegan's show over on 93.9 KWSS this morning to shed some more light on the issue.

"It was Brad [Delson], the guitar player in the band, [who] had complained to their security people," Brown said.

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Read the Linkin Park/Sublime Police Report Here

Jim Louvau
A police report says Linkin Park's security guard ratted out Sublime to Tuscon deputies, singer Mike Shinoda says band would never authorize such a thing.

By now you may have heard about the story of how Sublime With Rome singer Rome Ramirez alleged on his Twitter account that Linkin Park had snitched on the band for smoking weed, prompting "cops" (Rome's words) to seize the band's drugs.

Read a detailed play-by-play of the "Linkin Nark" controversy here.

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Linkin Park Security Guard (Or Someone Claiming to Be) Alerted Cops to Sublime's Weed

Jim Louvau
Is this the face of an anti-marijuana crusader?

Update 5/29 12:45 p.m.: Sublime With Rome's manager said that Brad Delson, Linkin Park guitarist, is responsible for alerting the police to Sublime's stash. Read more here.

Update 5/28 4:30 p.m.: Read the entire police report here.

Update 5/28 1:57 p.m.: We are starting to get somewhere. The Pima County Sheriff's Department, which had deputies at the concert, has sent us a copy of the police report associated with the incident. The quick and dirty: A Linkin Park security guard approached an off-duty deputy at around 6:50 p.m. to complain about Sublime smoking marijuana.

"The smoke was irritating one of the band members and he is, indeed, allergic to marijuana smoke. They were requesting for us to talk to the band to tell them to stop smoking the marijuana inside," the report reads.

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