Rock in Rio with Metallica, Deftones, Sepultura to Be Held in Vegas This May

Rock in Rio
A photo of a main stage performance at Rock in Rio

While I try not to whine about it too much, it's a true fact that our fair Southwest desert doesn't get too much "rock festival" action. Sure -- we seem to have EDM raves and indie rock fests galore. But when it comes to weekends packed with hard rock, and a little enclosed world metalheads can call their own, I'm constantly racking up airline miles flying over to the East Coast and Midwest.

However, during this spring it's the desert's time to shine, when Rock in Rio will make it's U.S. debut in Las Vegas, just a mere 4.5 hours away, on May 8-9 and May 15-16.

The theme-park-like Rock in Rio on the Strip, teamed up with MGM Resort, has been about two years in the making--but the plan is that it will stay for the long haul. Not only was an entirely new open-air venue, called City of Rock, constructed for the event, it's already attracted some of the biggest names in music--and we even get a dose of that heavy metal feeling, too.

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There Are a Ton of Great Female-Fronted Rock Bands Right Now

Categories: It's 2014

Though I confess to being an ardent reader of them, I'm resistant to shoveling my year's listening habits into a year-end list; looking back like that feels like underscoring the records I missed rather than the ones I was spinning endlessly. Beyond that, I find it nothing short of off-putting when critics pay particular attention to the gender of a given band, especially because that discussion only ever comes up when the gender is female. You never hear, "They're a really great rock band, and they're all men, too!" and, damn it, that ain't right.

With all of that said: Holy shit, there were a lot of great female-fronted records out in 2013.

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The 10 Best Phoenix Bands Under 21

Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee
Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee
Whether they were adding a bit of flair to an old favorite, taking the scene by storm, or continuing their march to the top, 2013 was a big year for Valley musicians under 21.

Here's 10 of our favorites who spent most of 2013 in the all-ages sections of their own shows.

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