Rapper Samuel Turner Aims to Fuel the Phoenix Suns' Playoff Hopes With "Suns Rise"

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It's rally time for the Phoenix Suns.
The Phoenix Suns need all the help they can get right now. The surprise team of the 2013-2014 season is currently in ninth place in the NBA Western Conference playoff race, and with only seven games left in their season, the team needs something -- anything -- to help propel them towards nabbing a post-season berth.

And one local rapper named Samuel Turner hopes that a little local music love might just be the thing to inspire purple and orange gang.

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Captain Squeegee Discovers Clay Aliens and a Few Apocalypses in Band's Ridiculous New Video

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Captain Squeegee Masons

It’s not that I’m not used to Captain Squeegee going out of its way to do something; as lead singer Danny Torgersen’s Facebook friend, I recently watched from a social-media-distance as he attempted to find some non-fluoridated water, which is not something I spend a lot of time worrying about. It’s not even that I didn’t know the band had a stop-motion animated video in the pipeline; when we talked about To the Bardos back in December, he mentioned it was coming and told me about the hundreds of hours animator Johnny McHone had spent building, moving, and destroying clay models to make it.

It’s just that there’s a difference between someone telling you -- with his characteristic hyper-enthusiasm -- that they’re working on an absurdly ornate claymation video and actually seeing it. Squeegee released the “Inevitable” video Tuesday, and it’s worth seeing it.

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Dry River Yacht Club's New Video Tells "The Legend of El Tigre"

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Fans of Phoenix music already know that Dry River Yacht Club can rock all the
best local music venues. They get down at the Crescent, they can pack the Sail Inn -- Marquee Theatre, Rhythm Room. Check, check, check.

But a lot of local bands can do that. Where the Yacht Club stands out is its ability to not only play for your average music fan, but keep the ears of crowds at events like Sunday's A'Fair at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts. Or down in Tucson at the more spiritual All Souls Procession.

While they were pleasing those diverse crowds, they were putting the finishing touches on their video "The Legend of El Tigre" -- released today 1:13 p.m. Watch it below.

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The Venomous Pinks Explain "Never Say Never" (VIDEO)

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Local punk rock band The Venomous Pinks are fighting for gender equality in the music business every time they take the stage. The three-lady group says they face challenges at every gig they play because audience members aren't always used to seeing so much female power on stage, and they're hoping to change perceptions with their current single and video, "Never Say Never."

"The song is about never saying never to your goals and dreams," says guitarist Drea Doll. "We're fun, and we rock just as much as the boys do."

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The Hourglass Cats Make You Miss Summer With A New Video at Fossil Creek

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The Hourglass Cats (Ben Garcia)
Ben Garcia
The Hourglass Cats "are not a white-boy reggae band."
The Hourglass Cats released their video for their single "Sense," on Monday. The video is their first from their May 2013 EP, 432. The video is a plotless ode to the summertime day trips that Phoenicians take to get out of the sweltering Phoenix heat.

"I mean, obviously, it's an Arizona thing," says lead singer Cori Rios. "If you're going to the beach, that's fake--we aren't from California, we're not going to the beach. We're going to watering holes and little oases, our version of going to the water--lakes, rivers, Sedona, whatever it is. As a Phoenix kid I've known about Fossil Creek and day-tripping to get out of the heat. You go to the water and a lot of our songs are about running to the water and getting away and escaping."

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decker. Has Bonnie Kill Clyde in the Band's New Video

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decker (Emily Caldwell)
Emily Caldwell
decker. goes back on the lam
Sedona-based decker. has been playing atmospheric desert-folk jams across Arizona and beyond for years, making multiple nationwide tours and earning a place on the main stage at last year's McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

The group's music possesses a certain quality that fills in the empty space at all its live shows. The warm sounds of its instruments creep in and keep every audience member planted in their space as if the venue is packed shoulder to shoulder. (Many times it is, especially in the Valley.)

The group's 2013 release Slider is easily one of the best albums to come out of Arizona this year. "I put every bit of my life on the line with that album," said frontman Brandon Decker. Musicians have turned that into a cliche over the decades, but for Decker and bandmate Kelly Cole, those words carry a deeper meaning.

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Fayuca Premieres New Acoustic Music Video for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves"

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The fellas from Fayuca are fresh off another successful tour supporting their wicked-cool record, Barrio Sideshow, released earlier this year. Thanks in large part to the video placement of their lead single "Por Que Seguir" on MTVu, the boys from Phoenix are finding it a lot easier to fill venues across the country.

"It was the first time that we actually saw new faces that were already engaged and intrigued by what the band was doing," singer/guitarist Gabriel Solorzano says of their recent leg.

Solorzano and his crew are hoping to keep the momentum going with a new video series titled The Bomb Shelter Sessions. The music videos give an intimate look at acoustic renditions of tracks off the album.

"We thought, why not give this to the people who are listening to our music?" Solorzano says. "They might want to hear the lyrics clearly, and the cracks in my voice and the notes that I struggle with."

The first video in the series is for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves" and is getting its premiere on Up on the Sun. Read on for the full interview and catch Solorzano and drummer Raf Ruiz later today at the Crescent Ballroom for an acoustic meet-and-greet session from noon to 2 p.m.

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The Phoenix Lights Return (in Emby Alexander's New Video)

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Still from "I Don't Mind If You Call Us Friends"
Emby Alexander has had a busy summer, releasing two videos, signing to UK label Bigo & Twigetti, and wrapping up a brief tour of the Southwest in support of its self-titled EP. Now the art-pop locals are wrapping it up with an EP release and two videos: a retrospective tour diary sound tracked by their upcoming single "Lie Down In The Ocean," and "I Don't Mind If You Call Us Friends," a time-lapse of the band playing in local hangouts which may or may not feature the infamous Phoenix Lights.

The verbosely titled EP Summer Blood and All the Parties I Wasn't Invited to Anyway will be released today on Emby's UK label and Saturday on Phoenix's own cassette-adoring imprint Rubber Brother Records. The cassette will include a free digital download. But Michael B. Alexander, the band's frontman, wasn't always down with the whole cassette trend. What changed?

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Nirvana Played the Arizona State Fair Exactly 20 Years Ago Today

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Nirvana back during their Pat Smear days.
Were deep in the midst of the Arizona State Fair's annual spate of concerts -- including tonight's Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers gig at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum -- and wanted to take look back at one of the more significant shows to take place at the event, which happened to occur exactly 20 years ago today.

Back on October 18, 1993, grunge rock vanguards Nirvana played to a packed house at coliseum and performed what would be their final Phoenix show ever.

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Video From John Williams' Phoenix Symphony Rehearsal

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John Williams Phoenix Symphony Steven Spielberg
Melissa Fossum
John Williams performed with the Phoenix Symphony last Saturday for a once in a lifetime event. All of the proceeds benefited the Phoenix Symphony's community outreach programs, and as of Saturday morning, Williams' ticket sales have raised nearly $600,000.

The concert was closed to the media, but Phoenix Symphony was gracious enough to let a few of us in to John Williams' rehearsal Saturday morning.

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