Video: Wolvves, One of the Valley's Rowdiest Bands, Talks New Album

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Piss-flavored beer. Dank nugs. Loud as fuck guitars. It's just another day in the life of Wolvves, one of the grungiest, venomous garage rockers gracing Phoenix these days. A calculated, even mix of aggressive punk and noise pop (with some rapping thrown in for good measure) Wolvves continue to earn their rowdy reputation (how many venues have they been banned from? We've lost count.) simply by being themselves.

They've come a long way since debuting their EP Live Forever at Rubber Brother Records' inaugural showcase in summer 2013. The next year, they followed up with their Go Demon or Go Home EP. And now Aydin Immortal (guitar, vocals), Max Martinez (drums), Isaac Parker (guitar), and Zack Parker (bass) are ready to show the world their first full-length, Whatever.

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Nearly Naked Suicide Girls Burlesque Show Carries Torch for Alt-Beauty

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Much has changed in the world of alt-modeling since the inception of Suicide Girls in 2001. It was the first major website where you could see tattooed and pierced ladies bare it all in front of the camera. It became more than just a soft-core porn site for creepy dudes who were into punk and metal; it became an online alternative community. As the site grew so did its popularity grew among women, who now make up 51 percent of the site's paid membership, according to statistics listed on the website.

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What Is Black MIDI And What Does It Want With Your Soul?

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Sure, music is the highest form of art, but it rarely gets as abstract and conceptual as Black MIDI, a genre of electronic music that's pretty hard to dance to. But be warned: Black MIDI might give you nightmares, or, if you're epileptic, a seizure. Dealing with literally millions of notes in some cases, Black MIDI tends to overload a computer's RAM, causing it to glitch and lag in a tangled mess of number-crunching racket.

As you may know, MIDI stands for 'Musical Instrument Digital Interface,' which is a standard format for interconnection electronic instruments and computers. Commonly used in synthesizers and drum machines, MIDI's grid-based dashes and dits resemble a kind of Morse code, teaching the PC the duration, pitch, and volume of each note.

The "black" part of the name comes from how these "songs" appear in classical notation - the entire sheet of music looks almost completely black, like someone's printer on the fritz. The geeks interested in this kind of cacophonous symphony are known as "blackers." Starting in Japan around 2009, it would be a few years before Black MIDI crossed the pond. The first Black MIDI composer to reach notoriety was YouTube user kakakakaito1998, who first released his tune in February 2011.

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Inside Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare (Video)

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As Halloween creeps closer and closer, it's not uncommon to find a slew of haunted houses popping up around the Valley. The problem, however, is that most of them promise to leave you trembling in fear but really just make you wonder why you wasted your cash as you exit. In other words, most haunted houses have a tendency to suck and can often be a big disappointment.

Photos by Jim Louvau
Rob Zombie (center) and some of the creepy cast of his Great American Nightmare.

If you've given up on getting the daylights scared out of you, boys and ghouls, Rob Zombie has brought his Great American Nightmare to WestWorld to Scottsdale to help restore your faith in all things frightening.

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Bogan Via Used Drones, Motorcycles to Shoot Music Video in Istanbul

A scene from Bogan Via's "Gatsby" video

During the summer of 2013, Bret Bender and Maddie Miller of Bogan Via released their music video for "Kanye." Directed by Freddie Paull of Electric Legend Pictures, this dark storyline portrays a Bonnie-and-Clyde-type duo who robs Phoenix's own beloved Revolver Records of their register money and some unreleased Kanye West albums. When they get caught, Miller is beaten and taken away to a warehouse where we last see her tied to a chair with gasoline being poured on her. The scene ends with Bender walking in with a smirk while a match is being struck; hinting it was all a plan for Bender to eliminate Miller from the picture.

From there, the video took off on a whirlwind. "Kanye" received local love from Valley Hype, YabYum, AZ Music Matters, The Spec Blog, Electric Mustache, and even here. The video won Electric Legend the "AZ Filmmakers of the Year" award from RAW Artists, and even garnered attention overseas.

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VIDEO: Life on Tour for Phoenix Bands A Distant Calm and Kardashev

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Making it in a metal band isn't easy. Yet A Distant Calm and Kardashev, from Mesa and Tempe respectively, keep trying anyway.

Both bands packed into one van and went on their first tour this past weekend. The original plan was a set of dates in Tucson, San Diego, Van Nuys, and ending in Las Vegas.

Just a week before they left, promoters canceled the tour dates in Van Nuys and Las Vegas. Luckily, booking agent Seth Stephens was able to get the bands a show in Santa Ana, California in place of the Las Vegas date.

The tour was demanding, exhausting and in the end, especially thanks to the the canceled shows, not profitable.

Yet, the bands say they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

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5 Must-See Local Music Videos

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A screenshot from Luna Aura's "Too Young To Die"
Creating an interesting, engaging, or exciting music video is no easy trick. In some ways, it sometimes can be as challenging as creating the song that its showcasing. While the audio end is covered, filmmakers or video creators have to conjure up a visual representation of the track being featured that either compliments, interprets, or accentuates it while telling a story of sorts and being an work of art on its own.

And if you're a local band, things get even more complicated given the limited resources that one has at their disposal. Everyone would love to make something as spectacular or grandiose as that bizarrely unforgettable video for "Turn Down for What," but don't have cash to burn.

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Tempe's Simply Three Cover Janelle Monáe With the Help of Her Backing Musicians

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The members of Simply Three with Kellindo, Glen McDaniel, and others.
If you have neither heard nor heard of Simply Three, you really ought to start paying attention, or, at the very least, give them a listen. Thousands of others certainly have, as the Tempe-based classical crossover trio, comprised of three local string musicians, has gotten a lot of praise in recent months for their fantastic instrumental versions of well-known pop and rock songs.

In the last year alone, Simply Three has earned a ton of attention (and hundreds of thousands if YouTube views) from covering such hitmakers as OneRepublic, Pharrell Williams, and Imagine Dragons, each time transposing pop bombast into joyous string music in artful fashion.

The trio's latest release, a mashup cover of Janelle Monáe's "Cold War" and "Tightrope" that was recently released, is certainly no exception. And, in an interesting twist, the song features two of Monáe's backup musicians.

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Rapper Samuel Turner Aims to Fuel the Phoenix Suns' Playoff Hopes With "Suns Rise"

Flickr via colintrex
It's rally time for the Phoenix Suns.
The Phoenix Suns need all the help they can get right now. The surprise team of the 2013-2014 season is currently in ninth place in the NBA Western Conference playoff race, and with only seven games left in their season, the team needs something -- anything -- to help propel them towards nabbing a post-season berth.

And one local rapper named Samuel Turner hopes that a little local music love might just be the thing to inspire purple and orange gang.

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Captain Squeegee Discovers Clay Aliens and a Few Apocalypses in Band's Ridiculous New Video

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Captain Squeegee Masons

It’s not that I’m not used to Captain Squeegee going out of its way to do something; as lead singer Danny Torgersen’s Facebook friend, I recently watched from a social-media-distance as he attempted to find some non-fluoridated water, which is not something I spend a lot of time worrying about. It’s not even that I didn’t know the band had a stop-motion animated video in the pipeline; when we talked about To the Bardos back in December, he mentioned it was coming and told me about the hundreds of hours animator Johnny McHone had spent building, moving, and destroying clay models to make it.

It’s just that there’s a difference between someone telling you -- with his characteristic hyper-enthusiasm -- that they’re working on an absurdly ornate claymation video and actually seeing it. Squeegee released the “Inevitable” video Tuesday, and it’s worth seeing it.

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