Red Bull Thre3style National Finals to Come to Phoenix April 2-4

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Tavit Daniels/Red Bull
Phoenix's DJ Akshen performs at the Red Bull Thre3style regional qualifier at Monarch Theatre.
When it comes to biggest cities in the U.S. for DJ culture, Phoenix has (sadly) played second fiddle to the likes of Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, and L.A. That's not to say that our town hasn't produced loads of world-class artist or hosted some phenomenal gigs, its just that those bigger 'bergs have hogged more of the spotlight in the DJ world over the years.

Come early April, however, that's gonna change, at least for a few nights, when the national finals of the Red Bull Thre3style take place in the Valley.

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8 Best Karaoke Bars in Phoenix

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Karaoke nights are like eating drunken pizza: inconsistent, pretty cheesy, but when it's on point, you've struck gold.

These nights are somewhat of an enigma in the nightlife biz. The crowd turnout is usually pretty hit or miss, and it's hard to pinpoint the catalyst for a successful night versus an unsuccessful one.

So how do you define the best? We narrowed down what I thought were the deciding characteristics of a good karaoke bar: entertainment value, the crowd, quality of singers, music selection, sound quality, screen viewability, MC/DJ, props, and instruments

Here are the Valley's best karaoke bars.

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Cursive's Tim Kasher on What 'The Ugly Organ' Means to Him Now

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Daniel Muller
Cursive is playing in Phoenix tonight.

By Andy Thomas

Cursive's 2003 Album, The Ugly Organ, has been described as a masterpiece, a benchmark and a career jumping off point for an already highly touted band. The album contains elements of song-writing and musical mastery and sold more than 170,000 copies. But it can also be viewed as merely one of many amazing accomplishments in the long and fruitful career of the Nebraska-based band.

We caught up with Cursive front man Tim Kasher and asked him about the recent reissue of the album, what it was like when it was first released and if he even likes it.

Cursive is playing tonight at Crescent Ballroom.

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5 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

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Susan Jordan Anderson

Hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather this past weekend in the Valley. Here are our concert picks this weekend. Be sure to check out our comprehensive concert listings for more options.

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The Stakes Might Be the Coolest Phoenix Band You've Never Seen Live

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Jeff Moses
The Stakes brought the energy up at Last Exit Live last weekend.

The atmosphere at Last Exit Live was just a little different than usual Friday night for the premier of The Stakes' debut record, The Stakes Music Vol.1. The jazz- and funk-infused hip-hop seven-piece brought the laid-back, chilled-out vibes of their music with them to south Central Phoenix, and it settled in nicely at the downtown indie rock venue.

Tons of bands have rolled through Last Exit and rocked the house. But for what may have been the first time ever, The Stakes came in and rapped it. "Rapped" may not usually be a verb to describe a band's performance, but I don't think there really is a better description of what Lord Kash, Zeedub, Holly Pyle, and their fabulous musicians did.

Of course, the music was hip-hop, and that was a big part of the atmosphere change at the bar, but it wasn't the end all be all. The members of The Stakes carry themselves with a certain confidence, a quiet cool that doesn't only turn on when they are up on stage, so they instantly change the mood of a room just by being in it. It just felt like a cool place to be.

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Unruh Talks Reunion Show, Release of Box Set

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Courtesy of the band
Unruh's travels brought them all over the world.

Sweating to the oldies will have a new connotation after Saturday, February 21, at Club Red. Local heroes, Unruh, are reuniting for their first show in 15 years and celebrating the release of their box set, Tomb, with a giant show featuring some of the best bands in the current local heavy/hardcore scene. We caught up with guitarist Ryan Butler (also of Landmine Marathon and many others) to talk about the reunion.

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Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red Talks Foundation for Troubled Music Fans, Heart Support

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August Burns Red

Music and live performances offer an experience to let our problems and struggles take a back seat, if only for the length of a song or live set. No matter the genre, music has been known as a way to bring people closer and experience something. Whether it's the lyrical message, the musicianship of a well-composed song, the quality of the production, or even something greater, music can provide a sense of comfort and purpose.

What is often overlooked at times is what exactly those problems are that we allow ourselves to shut off rather than speak about them. Jake Luhrs, singer for August Burns Red, aims to change that with his nonprofit organization, Heart Support.

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Bob Seger Proves People Still Love That Old Time Rock 'N' Roll in Glendale

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Jim Louvua
Bob Seger

Bob Seger was on to something when he wrote "You can come back, baby / rock 'n' roll never forgets" because he and the Silver Bullet Band were greeted by a sold-out crowd last night at Gila River Arena in Glendale. Fans not only never forgot about Detroit's original badass but they also remembered about every word during the 21-song performance. Seger looked thrilled to be onstage during opener "Roll Me Away," as he was smiling from ear to ear.

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6 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

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Courtesy of the artist
Over the Rhine

It's a good time to be a music fan in Phoenix with disposable income. Over the next few weeks things are going to get busy, what with a dozen or so festivals slated to hit the Valley in the next eight weeks. Call these next few weeks the calm before the storm if you'd like, but in the meanwhile, we've got concert picks. Check these out if you're looking for some good music this weekend, and browse our comprehensive concert calendar for more options.

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Scott Weiland Talks New Beginnings with The Wildabouts

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Scott Weiland returns with his new project.

It's well documented that rock 'n' roll brings out the best and the worst in Scott Weiland. He's seen the highest of highs fronting bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, both which were massively successful. Weiland's demons have also followed him for the past 20 years and were the catalyst for both of those bands moving on without him. His antics are as legendary as his music career, which he is trying to rebuild with his solo project Scott Weiland and Wildabouts. The band will kick off their tour on Sunday at Pub Rock in Scottsdale, and Up On the Sun caught up with Weiland to talk about his third shot at music.

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