My Jerusalem Wants to Leave Blood on the Stage

Categories: Interview

Trevor Raines
My Jerusalem

I caught up with Jeff Klein of Austin's My Jerusalem, excited and energized from witnessing the taping of a Nick Cave performance at Austin City Limits. Which makes sense, since My Jerusalem and its brand of self-described "Gothic Soul" falls very much in line with Cave's oeuvre of frightening religious allegories and old-world romanticism.

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The Gathering of the Juggalos' Night Court Helps Wicked Clowns Bury the Hatchet (NSFW)

Categories: Juggalo Watch

Nate "Igor" Smith
A young juggalo faces the punishment for his crimes.

Those in the outside world tend to view the Gathering of the Juggalos as a lawless festival of debauchery, with apparently violent clowns -- "gang members," even, if you ask the U.S. government -- running rampant and chaos ruling the day.

In actuality, this notion is far from the truth. Juggalos in attendance not only consistently treat one another with respect, but even have an institutionalized arbiter of disputes for when conflict does arise.

Have an issue with a fellow juggalo? Take them to Juggalo Night Court.

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Foxy Shazam Wants to Leave a Legacy

Categories: Q&A

Steven King/Foxy Shazam
Alex Nauth and I can't seem to make it work. The Foxy Shazam horn player and I have been attempting to link up for the better part of a month, barely missing the other's phone calls as the Cincinnati, Ohio-based glam rock band bounces between U.S. and Canadian tour dates. When we finally do land our eventual conversation, it revolves around the theme of what it means to be a rock band in 2014 -- something that holds much more weight than it implies.

If nothing else, that's exactly what Foxy Shazam is: They're an unapologetic, brash, over-the-top rock band in an era in which the term "rock band" alone is enough to cause niche-based, hyper-hyphenated genre splitting, at best. and elicit cringing at its worst. On their latest release, Gonzo, the band's scaled back their approach to a degree, letting songwriting show through rather than just showmanship. Having worked on the record with Steve Albini, of Big Black and Nirvana-producing fame, there's a new side of Foxy Shazam that Nauth and his bandmates have unearthed, yielding surprising results and a fresh future for the band.

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6 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix this Weekend

Categories: This Weekend

Picture from artist's Facebook page
Jesika von Rabit

Instead of bitching about the weather, like we usually do here, let's instead think of reasons why 113-degree temperatures are actually good. After all, if you live in Phoenix during the summer, the world is your sauna, am I right? And to think some folks like to be indoors when they need to have a good sweat. Suckers. And why use your stupid oven to bake cookies when you can just put a baking sheet on your dashboard? And where would the window tinting and black-out curtain industries be without Phoenix summers, I ask you? Nowhere, that's where.

So be thankful for the heat, as it is the source of luxury, food, and commerce.

Most of these concerts take place in venues with air conditioning and cold beer. So check these out, browse our comprehensive concert listings if you would like to see more options, and stay hydrated, Phoenix.

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Rubber Brother's Round Robin Concert Format Offers Onslaught of Local Music

Categories: Upcoming

Playboy Manbaby record release
Mike Bogumil
Playboy Manbaby

This Saturday Rubber Brother Records is putting on a different type of show -- a Round Robin.

Rather than have a typical show where each band plays for 25 minutes, followed by the rest, a Round Robin puts five bands in the same room all set up at the same time.
What makes this show unique is that there is no opening or closing act. Each artist performs two songs and then moves on to the next band.

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Ten Changes to the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos After Its Move from Illinois to Ohio

Categories: Juggalo Watch

Nate "Igor" Smith

By Daniel Hill and Drew Ailes

After a seven-year stint at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, the Gathering of the Juggalos moves this year to Legend Valley Campground in Thornville, Ohio.

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We Talked to the Cops at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Categories: Juggalo Watch

Nate "Igor" Smith
Juggalos on Wednesday

By Daniel Hill and Drew Ailes

What's different about this year's Gathering of the Juggalos in Thornville, Ohio? Well, the cops for one thing.

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Tucson's Best Dog Award Inspires Confusion Through Songs

Categories: Hi Tucson!

Joshua Levine
Best Dog Award

Tucson-based trio Best Dog Award's greatest asset is its ability to inspire confusion.

Singer/guitarist Joel Crocco, drummer Andrew Ling, and organist Nick Mazza lay out maps that may lead to nowhere and littering their music with clues that make the puzzle more difficult to solve.

"We play 'exploitation rock,'" Crocco says. "It's a loose genre that I like to call it. It's more a term for what I like to call my own -- like, it manifests in super noisy, chaotic ... the idea of driving a guitar solo or something into the ground until it doesn't mean anything anymore. Stuff like that. It's not a new concept by any means. It's not a real concrete concept."

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The Holy Coast Wants You to Find Inner Peace

Categories: Local Wire

Courtesy of Holy Coast
The Holy Coast

Phoenix's the Holy Coast didn't exactly intend for the band to have the initials THC, but the coincidence couldn't be more fitting, says Keith Walker, the synth-drizzled trio's maestro of beats and programming. Plus, when singer Brett Davis suggested the name after their first jam session, he slowly reached into his jacket pocket, produced a funny-looking cigarette, and said, "This will explain it all."

Let the Holy Coast stand as further proof that pot doesn't make you lazy or stupid.

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What Stephen Marley Learned from Dad: "Do It for the Love and Not the Fame"

Categories: Reggae

Courtesy of With Love PR
Stephen Marley

Many musical offspring have faltered under the pressure of trying to live up to the level of greatness once bestowed on their popular progeny. Stephen "Raggamuffin" Marley has refreshingly bucked those odds, and has in fact, become a modern-day legend of reggae music in his own right, and has done so for now more than three decades.

What has been a big influence for the eight-time Grammy Award winner is the lesson imparted by his deceased famous father, the legendary Bob Marley: "Do it for the love and not the fame," Stephen Marley says.

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