David Bowie Documentary Shows Artist's Vast Influence on Music, Fashion, Art

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Brian Duffy
David Bowie, album shoot for Aladdin Sane, 1973

The new documentary film David Bowie is does not tackle the epic career of the legendary rock star, but rather takes you inside London's Victoria and Albert Museum's (V&A) exhibition, where more than 300 pieces of Bowie history are on display. Stories behind the extraordinary stage costumes, handwritten lyrics, sketches, and other artwork attempt to humanize the larger than life performer and expose the inspiration behind his otherworldly musical characters.

You won't see any new interviews with the 67-year-old performer. There are no insights to his sexuality or addictions. No mention of his work Klaus Nomi. Instead, the documentary takes place during the last day of V&A's exhibition before the show started a worldwide tour. It will arrive at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on September 23, the same day the film will be shown at more than 100 theaters across the nation, including Phoenix's FilmBar.

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Steve Aoki to Headline Global Dance Festival at Tempe Beach Park

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Courtesy of the artist
Steve Aoki will headline Arizona's first Global Dance Festival

On the heels of last Friday's wild Mad Decent Block Party, Phoenix electronic dance music promoters Relentless Beats announced another huge EDM concert coming to Phoenix: Global Dance Festival.

The Arizona iteration of the party is scheduled for Friday, November 21, at Tempe Beach Park.

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Mickey Avalon's Co-Dependent Relationship with Frat Culture

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Mickey Avalon

This was supposed to just be an article about douche bags.

It was supposed to highlight a sleazy rapper with a drug-addled party complex that mirrored the underbelly of the equally sleazy frat scene found just a few miles from Phoenix. See, Mickey Avalon has his dual lives: he's a recovering addict, a former prostitute and drug dealer who picked up a crusty melody off the sticky floor of a Los Angeles bar, blew on it, and then wrapped it up in a slinky strip club package and sold it to listeners who wanted to feel just a little bit dirty while listening.

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New Children's Book Explains Punk Rock to Kids

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It is not often a review of a book is longer than the book itself, at least in number of words, but this is not just any book review and the book in question is not just any book. What Every Child Needs to Know About Punk Rock, by Valley resident R. Brad Snyder and his writing partner, New York author and M.D. Marc Engelsgjerd, is the world's first board book geared toward teaching wee ones about music's most misunderstood genre. Even more interesting than that is the fact that it does a pretty good job.

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Phoenix Rappers Shining Soul Detained at Canadian Border -- Again

Shining Soul

Phoenix hip-hop duo Shining Soul say Canadian Border Services Agency recently stopped, detained, and heavily questioned them at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport. The duo was trying to get to a concert scheduled as part of its "Hometown Foreigners Tour."

This is the second time the pair -- Franco Habre, a.k.a. Bronze Candidate, and Alex Soto, a.k.a. Liason -- has faced problems trying to cross into Canada. The first instance happened in May, when they tried to drive in through Washington.

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The 50 Biggest Ragers at the Mad Decent Block Party 2014

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Thousands upon thousands came to Rawhide Western Town in Chandler this past Friday, all of whom had pretty much the same goal in mind -- partying their asses off at the Valley's biggest electronic dance music event of the year, the Mad Decent Block Party.

They came clad in off-kilter costumes, neon-colored clothing, snarky t-shirts bearing such declaratives as "Sorry Dad" and "Roll Hard or Go Home," or very little clothing at all. And they transformed an acre of grass on the grounds of the kitschy theme park into a flashy and frenetic wonderland of raging fueled by the music of Diplo, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, and other Mad Decent DJs and performers. (Hell, rapper Waka Flocka Flame even showed up to party.)

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Godsmack's Shannon Larkin on the Band's "Almost" Breakup


By the end of 2012, Godsmack's concert album the band released that year,Live and Inspired, was the furthest thing from the band's mind.

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5 Most Outrageously Costumed Punk Bands

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Artist's Facebook page
The Aquabats

In the four-plus decades of punk's angsty rule, it has become easy to get lost in a sea of band T-shirts, jeans, and flannel, not to mention the safety pins and hair glue maintained as the uniform of choice for so many #trupunx and fans of the Casualties. So, when a band arrives to totally subvert that orthodoxy, it has come as a breath of fresh air to the moshing masses, excited (or at least confused) by a band of costumed warriors taking the stage by storm.

Enter The Aquabats.

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6 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

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The Breeders come to Phoenix this week.

Have you recovered from Mad Decent Block Party? Last weekend, everything musical in Phoenix paused to give space for what is arguably the largest EDM event that will happen this year. This week, the Phoenix music universe has adjusted, compensating for the overabundance of beats and turntables with a slew of radio rock concerts and some New Kids on the Block hangers-on called One Direction. So check out the best shows to see in Phoenix this weekend, and browse our comprehensive concert listings for more options.

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Meet Sean Hayes, the Singer Your Lady Friends Love

Courtesy photo
Sean Hayes

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Sean Hayes knows you heard about him from your folk-music-loving lady friend. He says he gets that a lot. "I feel like women are the gateway," he jokes.

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