Five Things I Hate About Music

For almost a year now, I've been writing about music on this blog. Wacky little observations from the viewpoint of a 25-year industry veteran and independent record store owner.

Mostly, I ramble poetic (hopefully) about how much I love music. How much it means to me and how it has weaved its way into every facet of my life. I've been sharing my favorite albums, artists, and memories in this regard.

However, like most things in life, there is a duality to my love of music. A darker side. The inevitable result of a long-term relationship. It's time I talked about it.

So join me this week as I share Five Things I Hate About Music.

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4 Albums From 2013 Everyone Else Hated That I Loved

Categories: Hate

It's okay to like MGMT again.
It's understandable if you believe end of the year "Best Of" lists are largely self-indulgent, because it's fucking true. Music critics write for other music critics and no one else. When the musicians in question sometimes actually read the review, it's largely by accident. All of us writing simple bullet lists of the releases we liked on this revolution 'round the sun are doing it for ourselves, because most of us are geeks and losers who can't play a note -- but hey, we can write, so let's apply that to music somehow. Okay.

Well, I don't care. I read every year-end list from every publication I respect (SPIN, yes, NPR sort of, Rolling Stone, hell no.) because I want to make sure there weren't any albums I might've overlooked. FOMO, the syphilis of our generation, right? Then, in the most menial corridors of my mind, I begin ranking things like the bored ape I am because I can't help it. Even though I realize it amounts to nothing, it's still more fun than making New Year's resolutions I won't accomplish anyway, although I do that, too.

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Six Things I Hate About Kenny Rogers

Hate is a strong word, but as a music critic, my musical beliefs and ideals have been forged over many years of writing about, reviewing, and listening to music. I know what I like, what I can tolerate, and what I'd just as soon leave behind forever.

Country artist Kenny Rogers is different. I can say I hate his music, and feel all right with that. Mostly, he's a non-entity for me; never comes to mind and I absent-mindedly switch him off on the rare moment a song of his comes up on the radio (in the rare moment I actually have a country channel playing). But lately, Kenny has been thrown in my face -- and I've had enough.

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