Funny Bands and Comedians Suit Up for Comedy Avengers

Matt Micheletti
Comedy Avengers Show Flier 

Stand-up comic Matt Micheletti has always been one to mix comedy and music, and for his third annual nerd-centric comedy night for charity, Comedy Avengers, he's putting together his best musical lineup yet.

Last year was the first year Micheletti incorporated music into his nerd comedy night, with a performance by Andy Warpigs. In the past he has also invited musical acts like Bacchus and the Demon Sluts, Paige The Village Idiot, and HotRock SupaJoint to perform at his monthly comedy show, Comedy On Fire.

But for his big upcoming nerd nite this, which all proceeds for are going to the Boys and Girls Club of metro Phoenix, he has locked on two primo Phoenix geek bands, Nerdzerker and Dinosaur Love, as well as costumed dad shock punks Fathers Day.

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Five Songs That Are Sure to Clear Out the Bar

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No iiiiiiiiii don't wanna hear his song. With you.
By Ali Lerman

You're in your favorite bar, you're feeling good while hanging out with your buddies, and some newbie walks up to the jukebox. The only thing that's on your mind now is, this jackass better not play a douchey song. We've all been there and mood killing by music has effected all of us at some point or another. Since it's not "PC" to walk up to this jukebox dolt and suggest the he or she doesn't play something awful, we decided to help out the masses. Compiling a list of horrendous songs is always geared to your taste in tunes so instead, we've put together a list of "Five Songs That Are Sure to Clear Out the Bar." You may even want to carry this list around with you because if you choose one of these songs, you're the one responsible for what happens next. (Think pool stick to the head.)

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Alternative Opinion: The Super Bowl Sucks

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Benjaming Leatherman
Not everyone is figuratively spraying the town with champagne this weekend.

Editor's Note: We're excited at New Times for the Super Bowl and all the culture and parties and concerts that come with it, but we know not everyone is, and we asked one of them to explain why. Here's an alternative opinion on what the Super Bowl brings to town.

I'm 100 percent against any event that puts DJ Pauly D. (who performed Thursday night) and myself in the same county at the same time. So I'm going to have to ask the Super Bowl to pack up and head back to New Orleans, where it belongs.

In theory, I like the idea of the Super Bowl coming to Phoenix. It's exciting. Countless thousands of people pour into town looking to have a good time and party it up all over the Valley.

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An Open Letter to J Mascis

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Justin Lapriore
Please respond, J Mascis... Please?

Dear J Mascis:

First of all, I am a big fan. From the first time I heard Dinosaur Jr back in the late 1980s to this very day, I have been a little awestruck. Your career is one any diehard music aficionado can respect. The first time I drove down Interstate 91 in Massachusetts and saw the exit for Amherst, I immediately thought of you. Maybe you were there then. I'm not a stalker, but swinging through your town did cross my mind. You have to have been in a lot of cool places, Mr. Mascis, since you have played in a bunch of great bands and released a ridiculous amount of music in the past 32 years.

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The Worst Songs From Pornhub's Song Search Contest [NSFW]

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A capture from Coolio's Pornhub video
Coolio teamed up with Pornhub to release a music video earlier this year.

It's anyone's guess why the world's largest porn site is trying to get into music (maybe because no one likes paying for either?), but that's exactly what Pornhub is attempting to do. First they tried to make Coolio relevant again with a boring video featuring chicks wagging their silicon-filled breasts everywhere (this link is so NSFW that I really hope you get fired if you click it). Besides being more grotesque than arousing, Coolio seems as excited about titties as a 13-year old who just discovered Playboy. Now, Pornhub wants to bring out the 13-year old in you by hosting a songwriting contest.

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Vanilla Ice vs. Wiz Khalifa: Who Made the Better Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Anthem?

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa is a mere three years my junior. What this means, perhaps of more importance than any other similarity, is that he and I shared a significant adolescent infatuation with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

None of us were immune.

Turtle action figures were a mainstay across many a basement rec-room, and every kid I knew found a turtle personality to attach themselves to. (Interestingly, Khalifa has claimed Donatello, though his weed-centric persona suggests more of a Michelangelo affinity; the lack of self-awareness in the square kids who claimed Raphael or the introverted kids who claimed Leonardo always seemed so strange to me.)

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All Hail Babymetal, the J-Pop-Loving Metal Band of the Damned

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Earlier this month, news circulated widely that a metal group called Unlocking the Truth have inked a record deal worth $1.7 million with Sony Music Entertainment. Loads of outlets picked up on the item, including People, CBS News and other places where you wouldn't expect to read about no-name metal acts making business moves. Why all the hubbub? The extravagant dollar amount wasn't the draw (though it had to help), but rather the ages of Unlocking the Truth's members. The band is made up of one 12-year-old and two 13-year-olds. It's pretty odd to imagine a bunch of middle-schoolers getting deep enough into metal -- and being in-demand enough -- to make a career out of music, much less one that yields seven figures.

But if that gaggle of metal-loving minors have a peculiar story, Babymetal's is positively freaky.

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6 Worst Music Videos Shot in Laundromats

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troy farah laundromat.jpg
Photo by the author

These days, music videos are essential to the whole music making process. It's one of the easiest, most effective ways to really burn into someone's head whatever you're trying to play. It also tends to make your lo-fi Bandcamp "release" more "official." And the best thing is, these days you can do it with a cell phone camera and some masks you bought at Party City. But if you want people to really pay attention to you, you might want to avoid these cliches. First up, music videos shot in your local laundromat. 

I guess I understand why so many videos (literally hundreds, it seems) are shot in Laundromats. They are generally well-lit, unsupervised, pseudo-public places that probably don't require permits to film in and feel both familiar and modest. But that doesn't mean your video won't totally suck there. Don't believe it? Take a look.

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The 10 Biggest Douchebags in Country Music

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Courtesy of the label
Luke Bryan

By Mike Seely

Mainstream country music gets an unfair rap as being universally over-polished and formulaic, a notion that artists like Kacey Musgraves and Eric Church obliterate every time they strap on their guitars. But there's a granule of truth to the stereotype, and a particularly damaging sub-genre -- known as "bro-country" -- is lending it far too much credibility right now.

Booze, chicks, jacked-up pickups, extreme redneck sports, spring break -- artists like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and even Blake Shelton are leaning way too heavily on such themes in their music these days, and the entire trope can be summed up in one word: douchey. Yet bro-country isn't the only brand of 'baggery currently afflicting Nashville. No, douchebags are a diverse lot, and here are the 10 biggest 'bags currently cranking out (s)hits in Music City today:

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I Went to Phoenix Comicon to Learn About Raves, and All I Saw Was a PowerPoint

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Benjamin Leatherman
Some ravers from Bubble Bobble 6. Full slideshow here.

Phoenix Comicon is currently going on, and the "Premier Pop Culture Experience" in the Southwest is really delivering this year with more vendors, more cosplays, and more music based events. One such event was Friday's "Raving Is Fun" panel. The way it was described in the Comicon programing guide was "Learn everything you need to know to get started raving. We'll talk about everything from what to wear, music, dancing, and more! The Renegades will show you how to make the most of your rave experience. You don't want to miss this panel!"

So I thought the panel would be discussing the local rave scene. From what I understand Phoenix has steadily maintained a solid scene for the Candy Kids, and though it occurred to me that Comicon promoting underground parties seemed weird, I overruled the thought by thinking about how many anime tie-ins there are in the rave scene, and the fact that everyone loves dark rooms with strobe lights, right?

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