Flier of the Week: Peachcake

Peachcake flier.jpg

As you might be able to infer from the colorful vikings on the flier, Peachcake is pretty stoked for their upcoming trip to Norway.

To spread the love before they get to Europe, they'll be gigging on Wednesday, July 11, at the Monarch Theatre. Doctor Bones, Paperbird, and Wino Vino will be gettin' down too.

"After debuting a new live band just a couple weeks ago with new addition Henri Benard on live drums (an addition the band has never worked with up to this point), we are excited to play songs from our brand new album, Unbelievable Souls, [which is] due out later this year," said songwriter Stefan Pruett.

It's a free show, so be sure to support these guys before they get on stage at the Slottsfjell Music Festival.

We won't pretend that we have any clue as to how to pronounce that, but hopefully Peachcake does.

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Flier of the Week: The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic.jpg
Psyko Steve Presents
Psyko Steve is throwing another wet and wild pool party that is not to be missed. This time it's going down at The Saguaro in Scottsdale. Taking place on Sunday, July 8, the event will be a great day to wind down your weekend.

By the looks of the flier, it'll be a classy, good old-fashioned time. Unfortunately, Steve Zissou won't be there . . . unless someone dresses up like him. And, yes, that's a challenge.

Sean Watson will be spinning on the ones and twos so everyone can get down by the pool. Hartbreaks, Goldsmith and Don Ricardo will be jamming, too.

Doors open at 1 p.m., and the fun will begin at 2 p.m. and go till around 9. Entry is only $5.

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Flier of the Week: Skinny Shamans

Skinny Shamans.jpg
The Trunk Space
There's a great opportunity coming up to have one hell of a good time at the Trunk Space on Saturday, June 30. Skinny Shamans are gettin' down at their CD release party for their new EP, Heartbreakers

"The Trunk Space has been our home for a year now, and we're beyond excited to release our first EP there," Robert Raya says. "Come on down and share in our happiness!"

The psychedelic weirdness of this acid-trippy flier speaks to the sensibilities of the Shamans, which share a warped feel with bands like The Flaming Lips (plus an affinity for "jazz chords," as their Facebook bio suggests). 

We're betting that their performance will be as colorful and brilliant as this advert. But will it be even half as psychedelic? You'll have to be there to find out.

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Flier of the Week: Roll Acosta

Roll Acosta flier.jpg
Roll Acosta
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We're diggin' the simple elegance of the rolling tape on this Roll Acosta flier...See what they did there?

Like we're digging the simplicity of this flier, we're digging the band's new record, This Dreamt Existence (we described the album as falling "somewhere between fun.'s acrobatic melodies and Cold War Kids' strained funk"). The band will be drawing from their cache of catchy tunes for this weekend's show.

"We're ecstatic to have our freshly groomed package on display for the world to see," Jacob Acosta jokes.

The Madera Strand and Sun Ghost will also be gigging with the guys that night.

Don't miss the show on Friday, June 22, at Yucca Tap Room.

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Flier of the Week: Snail Quail

Snail Quail flier.jpg
Snail Quail

We can't tell a lie: We're always amused by Snail Quail's humor and antics. (The band's handwritten notes sent to the New Times office have served to endlessly amuse us.)

It's only natural that we're looking forward to the band's upcoming show on June 16 for the release of their new album, The Blurry In Between. The Haymarket Squares, Sareena Dominguez, Avery, and Epic DJ Tony will be getting in on the celebration as well.

"I'm more excited than a dog with two tails at a barbecue for this Saturday!" says Snail Quail singer Jonathan Cisneros. "It's a bunch of my favorite people all in one place, plus snacks. What more can a guy ask for?"

We can attest that the album -- crammed full of distorted power chords and suburban concern -- is a solid pop/rock collection, and it's easily worth the $5 entry to hear it. So be at the Trunk Space by 8 p.m. for laughs -- or at least the snacks.

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Flier of the Week: Sundressed

Sundressed flier.jpg
Nothing says "it's officially summertime" quite like seeing a dude nonchalantly sporting a short sun dress. Appropriately, Sundressed has got us pumped up for a great summer gig this weekend that's part of the June F-Boms series.

This Friday at 8 p.m., Sundressed will be performing one of five residency shows at Long Wong's with a handful of great local bands. 

The performance this weekend will also feature Boss Frog, Gross Boy, Meaningless! Says the Teacher, and Mom Jeans. River Jones Music's newly signed band, Jared Kolesar and the Locals, will be getting down too.

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Flier of the Week: Donavon Frankenreiter

Donavon Frankenreiter flier.jpg
Crescent Ballroom
If this flyer doesn't put you in a happier mood, we don't know what will. This soothing watercolor painting was taken from the cover of Donavon Frankenreiter's new album Start Livin', which drops today.

Frankenreiter is a longtime friend of Jack Johnson, the most mellow man in America, so he performs with a similar carefree, beachy, laid-back surf vibe as Jack does.

The show, which was originally scheduled to be at the Compound Grill (we're still bummed about its closing), has been moved to the Crescent Ballroom. No need to fret; all original tickets from the Compound will be honored.

As if the sounds of summer weren't enough, everybody who attends the concert will get a free copy of Donavon's new album! Props for the free tunes, Surfer Dude!

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Flier of the Week: The Regal Octopus Show

The Regal Octopus Show.jpg
Doctor Bones
The Regal Octopus Show is coming up this weekend. Between the monocle on the "fedorable" cigar-smoking mustachioed octopus that looks wise beyond his years and the design of a traditional movie poster, we can tell that the event is definitely going to be a classy one. 

After all, the flier claims stellar reviews all around.

The very artistic indie rock shindig will feature a slew of local favorites, including Doctor Bones, Dry River Yacht Club, Sun Ghost and Underground Cities.

The Regal Octopus Show will be taking place Friday, May 25 at 8 p.m. at Tempe Tavern. You might be asking, "Just how regal will the show be?" You'll have to show up to find out!

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Flier of the Week: Snake! Snake! Snakes!

Snake Snake Snakes flier.jpg
Snake! Snake! Snakes!

With temperatures rising well over 100 degrees on the regular, it's easy to understand why Phoenix-based indie rock band Snake! Snake! Snakes! is longing for the relaxing vibes of some coastal region. We're feeling the same way, but they've got a whole month of local gigs to play before they can take off for the beach, though.

This week's best flier features some groovy cut and paste lettering and a faded, vintage Sunset Magazine-style scene. Join the band for their next date of their month-long residency at Long Wong's.

On Friday, May 18 the guys will be rocking out with Bison Island, Colorstore, Future Loves Past, and balladeer Sareena Dominguez.

The show is for those who are 21 and up, and it's a freebie (cause that's how Long Wong's rolls).

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Flier of the Week: Rough Tough Dynamite

Rough Tough Dynamite.jpg
Rough Tough Dynamite
Bet you didn't expect to look at The Atlantic's site yesterday and read an article about how LOLcats are making you smarter, did you?

If the Internet is good for anything other than spyware and porn, it's most certainly really funny pictures of cats doing . . . well, anything.

The Rough Tough Dynamite folks got the memo, utilizing an astro-kitty to advertise their EP release party. It's their debut EP, so you don't have to worry about being too far behind on the band's poppy, effervescent rock 'n' roll sound.

Local support comes courtesy of DINERS, Waytansea Point, and Hug-of-War (and it's Waytansea's first gig this year).

The craziness goes down at the Trunk Space on Friday, May 11 and starts at 7 p.m. Don't forget your spacesuits, ladies and gents, or you might risk making this cute-as-a-button cat sad. And less smart.

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