Phil Anselmo's Desert Island Discs (at the Moment)

Brandon Marshall, Westword
Everyone knows that Zia Records hooks up all the Valley music junkies. Big-time. The lure of that sharp red and yellow "Zia" sign brings in people from all walks of life seeking novelty toys, every possible music genre, and movies. Personally, it's the smell of vinyl that calls my name and draws me toward those double doors.

The vinyl collection may be impressive -- Zia peddles everything from Miles Davis to Slick Rick to the soundtrack for The Hills Have Eyes -- but what really stands out for me is Zia's ability to organize so many in-store signings and giveaways for fans.

Because that's what music is all about, after all. The fans, right?

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DJ Swamp Headlines Quincy Ross' New Year's Eve After-Party Tonight in Downtown Phoenix

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Jeremiah Toller
DJ Swamp is scheduled to perform at an undisclosed location in downtown Phoenix tonight.
Party guru and artist Quincy Ross has earned a certain legendary status in the downtown Phoenix scene from his late-night underground affairs, which tend to feature a slew of DJ talent and turn into major ragers that last until well after dawn.

And said status might get a little more legendary in the first few hours of 2014 during the New Year's Eve after-party that Ross is co-promoting later tonight along with cohort Sarah "Saza" Dimmick of EPIK Dance Company. And renowned turntablist DJ Swamp is headlining the bash.

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Snoop Dogg to Perform A Special Guest DJ Set Tonight at Firehouse Tempe

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Jim Louvau
Snoop Doggwill perform tonight at the state fair before heading to Tempe.
In addition to his prodigious talents as a rapper, actor, hip-hop impressario, author, producer, Hot Pocket video-maker, youth football coach, Rastafari worshipper, and weed smoker (note: the last two are interchanagable), it turns out that nonuple threat Snoop Dogg/Lion is also a right good DJ.

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DJ Roya Gives us a Taste of Tongue Tied's "Old School/New School" Party


Apollo's Lounge is quickly becoming quite the Phoenix nightlife hotspot. The Hot Pink crew set up shop on Friday nights for RAD, and DJs Roya and Funkfinger take over on the first Saturday of every month for Tongue Tied.

Apollo's is a natural transition for Roya and Funkfinger after participating in Obscura at Rips Ales and Cocktails. The duo now hosts a high energy party full of themed gags, photobooths, dirt-cheap drinks, special cameos from a member of Treasure Mammal, and more.

We recently chatted with DJ Roya (a.k.a. Michele Chinichian) about Tongue Tied's forthcoming Old School/New School party on Saturday, September 7. Find out more about "Humpty Dance" shenanigans and what to expect at Tongue Tied after the jump.

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Local Drummer Josh Irino Wants To "Kick Cancer's Ass"; Here's How To Help

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Josh Irino benefit
Jeremy Jennings/Hypealot Media
Josh Irino of Property Six
Josh Irino is currently engaged in the fight of his life. And it's a battle against a fearsome and merciless opponent where the odds are firmly against him. Back in April, the 38-year-old drummer for rap 'n' roll band Property Six was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Normally, those in Irino's condition are facing a virtual death sentence, as the survival rate for those with said affliction is less than 10 percent. (As such, doctors have given him less than a year to live.) However, it's not always an absolute, as a small number of stage four lung cancer patients have been known to fully recover. And Irino is hoping to be one of them.

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Suzy Homewrecker and Noiz.Fkr Bring Vintage Punk Vinyl to The Rogue Bar Tonight

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Jim Louvau
Suzy Homewrecker (a.k.a. DJ Defense.Mekanism)
It's been a couple weeks since Edward Snowden ratted out the National Security Agency, and most of America's still in a major twist over said revelations of government's Orwellian-style surveillance tactics. And maybe in the mood to riot, stage a few protests, or -- at the very least -- preach the tenets of revolution and rebellion. In other words, the same sort of sentiments found in punk rock, a genre that's personified rebellion and rancor throughout its history.

Anti-authoritarian and anti-establishment anthems and seem an especially apt soundtrack for the current zeitgeist, which is why Suzy Homewrecker probably couldn't have picked a better time to stage her Punk on Vinyl party than tonight at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale.

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Mergence Explains Why They Wrote "White Bark" In The Desert

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for MergenceColorFULLRES-sansal.jpg
These vibrant young people aren't dead yet...
The atmospheric, bluesy local rockers in Mergence may already be known for keeping it weird with communes, nomads and robots with the release of their first album, Those Vibrant Young People Are Dead--but with their upcoming EP they are taking it to an entirely new level.

It makes sense, since the name Mergence describes the future evolution of their influence on the industry and their sound, which has been compared to the likes to The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Up On The Sun talked with front man Adam Bruce over a post-band practice phone call, punctuated by the clinking of ice from glasses of whiskey and gin. He discussed how he lived up to his statement in our last interview of writing the second album in the middle of the desert, why the band didn't appear in the "White Bark" music video, and the new experimentation the band dabbled with in the studio.

Mergence is scheduled to perform at Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, June 1.

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DMC Phoenix DJ Battle to Take Place Saturday; Ordinary Club DJs Need Not Apply

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Downtown Phoenix's Monarch Theatre is gonna take on old-school aura this weekend when more than a dozen local DJs and selectors showcase mad turntablism in what could be the first step toward superstardom.

The Phoenix Regionals for the World DMC DJ Championships, one of the most esteemed competitions for the turntablist crowd, goes down Saturday night at the dance club, and it's guaranteed to showcase some of the fiercest and finest scratching, mixing, and cutting in the Valley.

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Portugal. The Man's New Album: Evil Friends, Track by Track

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Britt Chester, Westword

Put on almost any Rolling Stones record and it is instantly recognizable as the Rolling Stones. There is no mistaking the gritty sound and straight-up rock 'n' roll riffs. Now, put on a Portugal. The Man album. It, too, is instantly recognizable by the complex layers and textures in each song, the monumental send-ups and whispered hushes surrounding John Gourley's falsetto voice and distinctive cadence.

But while one Stones album sounds a lot like any other, no two Portugal. The Man albums sound alike. For example, In the Mountain in the Cloud expanded on The Satanic Satanist with rich orchestration balancing raw, stripped-down moments and a couple of glam-ish power-pop masterpieces. The upcoming Danger Mouse-produced Evil Friends goes even further.

After the jump: A track-by-track teaser of Evil Friends, out June 4. Portugal. The Man plays April 17 at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

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Jurassic 5's Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark Lend Support to Blunt Club's Benefit for Artist Jules Demetrius

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jules demetrius blunt club benefit tempe yucca tap room.jpg
Jules Demetrius
Local urban artist Jules Demetrius has never seemed to want when it comes to the friend department. Amongst his multitude of acquaintances and comrades, the 43-year-old painter and graphic designer are a horde of local creative types from both the music and art world, as well as some famous names like the members of Jurassic 5 and De La Soul.

And many of 'em are helping out Demetrius during his greatest time of need, including such cats as Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark, as he's in the midst of a life and death battle with colon cancer.

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