Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas 2014: The Best and Worst

Christopher Victorio

By Dennis Romero

What's it like partying with 134,000 of your closest friends?

After a fourth year covering Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, the size and scope of America's largest electronic dance music festival (and, really, one of the country's largest music events, period) still just leaves us breathless.

This is the definition of massive. That this culture has gone from warehouse raves with one laser and a few hundred people to a 1,500-acre event so large that the only way to avoid an hour-plus worth of traffic is to arrive by helicopter is astonishing, especially if you were part of the scene in its early days.

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EDC Raver's Death Under Investigation

Categories: EDM

Christopher Victorio

By Dennis Romero

The Clark County (Nevada) Coroner is investigating the death of a 24-year-old who collapsed Saturday morning outside Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

An autopsy was being conducted this weekend, but results aren't yet available to the media, an official at the coroner's office told us. If drug use is suspected, it's likely that a cause-of-death determination will be put off until investigators get their hands on toxicology test results.

The raver, who collapsed outside the three-day festival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, was identified as Montgomery Tsang of San Leandro, California.

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The 5 Most Overplayed Songs at EDM Festivals

Categories: EDM, Lists

Timothy Norris

By Sarah Purkrabek

Electric Daisy Carnival goes down this weekend in Las Vegas. We'll be providing coverage as the weekend progresses, never fear.

But will you be there yourself? If you are, expect to hear, well, lots of songs you've heard before. In fact, whether it's Hard, Coachella, or countless other big EDM festivals, we're getting a bit tired of these moments of musical déjà vu.

Here, then, are the five most overplayed songs at festivals today.

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EDM Producer Ferry Corsten Loves Scottsdale Sushi

Categories: EDM, Interview, Q&A

Flashover Recordings
Ferry Corsten stops by Maya Day and Night Club on Friday, June 13.

When trance gone electro, house and big room DJ and producer Ferry Corsten isn't making music or spending time with his family, he's likely got one thing on his mind: tearing down a mountain on his snowboard.

Corsten, who plays at Maya Day and Night Club in Old Town Scottsdale on Friday, June 13, won't be able to get his snow fix here in Phoenix, but he will be able to indulge his other passion.

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Nervo, EDM's Cool Girls, Come To Scottsdale

Categories: EDM

Nervo is untouchable these days.

Australian sisters, producers and DJs, Nervo, are the embodiment of what so many others wish they were. They have it all. They work with their best friend, they're accepted into dance music's in-crowd, they're talented songwriters and producers, they're at the forefront of today's fashion and music movements, and are really good-looking (they're Covergirl ambassadors). And what makes everyone even more jelly, is the fact that it all comes natural, they are just that cool.

The duo heads to Scottsdale's Maya Day and Nightclub this Saturday, May 17 -- the eve of the release of their Inspired compilation album.

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6 Boys Noize Tracks You Should Hear

Categories: EDM

Dennis Ignatov
Boys Noize plays the Monarch Theatre on Wednesday, May 7.

Boys Noize performs at Monarch Theatre in Phoenix on Wednesday, May 7. The electro producer and founder of Boys Noize Records is an authority in the electro music scene on a global scale, and was shaping the American electro scene long before anyone was doing the Dada.

Boys Noize, aka. Alexander Ridha, is a German producer whose music you can't really stereotype. While it's definitely electro, he never quite stays with the same formula. Some of his tracks are more melodic, while others are intense and choppy, pulling sounds from techno and industrial. You definitely know a Boys Noize track when you hear one.

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9 Things We Learned at Wet Electric 2014

Categories: EDM

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
You won't see this at your average pool party.
Whatever deity runs the universe -- be it Yahweh, Ganesha, Mother Nature, or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster -- we're starting to wonder if they might have a beef with EDM festivals held at Big Surf in Tempe. Three years ago, during the first-ever Soundwave, it rained cats and dogs. And during the first part of Wet Electric 2014 this past Saturday, storm clouds brewed early in the day and colder than normal temps made it a bit chilly.

Although there were several thousands on hand, most stayed out of the water park's wave pool where the stage was located. Good thing Wet Electric's organizers made it a two-day event this year and had a bigger turnout on Sunday at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

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Borgore Talks Miley Cyrus Being a "Cool Chick," Transitioning From Deathcore to Dubstep

Categories: EDM

Courtesy of Borgore
Borgore brings his raunchy "gorestep" to The Pressroom on Friday, May 2.

Dubstep producer and DJ Asaf "Borgore" Borger is scheduled to perform Friday, May 2, at the Pressroom in Phoenix. This Israeli-native is known for his brash and brutal style of dubstep, which he named "gorestep."

Borgore is one of the pioneers of modern dubstep in America. His 2010 breakout hit, "Nympho," was a vulgar, asses-out anthem for freaks everywhere. He's since been known for his collaboration with Miley Cyrus on "Decisions," friend Carnage on "Incredible," as well as Waka Flocka Flame on "Wild Out."

Like his music, Borgore says what he thinks and tells it like it is. He isn't too concerned with political correctness or caring what you think about him. Up on the Sun spoke with Borgore on the phone last week about life, being in a metal band, and what it was like collaborating with the most controversial woman in pop music.

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The 50 Most Beautiful People at Wet Electric

Categories: EDM, Wet Electric

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Some of the pretty people at Wet Electic
If you got it, flaunt it. That certainly seems the be the case at Wet Electric every year, as the EDM festival and ginormous pool party features hordes of the skinny, stylish, or bodacious bodies wearing revealing swimwear.

Such was the scene during either of the two-day Wet Electric this past weekend, as the weekend-long event offered an endless buffet of bikini-clad chicas and beefcakes in boardshorts at both Big Surf in Tempe and Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

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10 Ways Wet Electric Attendees Endured the Cold

Categories: EDM, Last Night

Amanda Savage

Cloudy skies, gushing winds and 60-degree temperatures greeted day one of the East Valley's annual water-park not-a-rave at Big Surf Water Park in Tempe on Saturday. Although the sun pushed away the clouds in the afternoon, conditions were slightly less than ideal. This is unfortunate for the festival goers, given how the summer heat has recently pushed its way into spring.

See: Four Acts To See At Wet Electric This Year

Regardless, the show went on. The sunny skies and cool breeze were a refreshing alternative to the expected high heat, and it didn't seem to faze the attendees. The smell of suntan oil on baking bodies filled the entryway. Festival-goers came shirtless in bikinis and board shorts with the occasional flower headband, captain's hat or other common festival accessory.

Music lovers, ravers, festival junkies, partiers, fans -- whatever you want to call them, their spirit and energy to seize the moment, regardless of the conditions they're in, is what makes the festival experience so damn addictive. Here's how festival goers endured the wind and cold at Wet Electric this year. And if this entices you, the second round is happening at Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale today.

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