Ed Sheeran - Jobing.com Arena - 8/31/2014

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Jeremy Berini
Ed Sheeran

When the lights went down, the screams inside Jobing.com Arena were ear-shattering. It wasn't quite the level of Beatlemania, but it still caught me by surprise. Arena shows are known to be big with its lights, sounds, stage setup, etc. Sheeran entered the stage with just his guitar, and it became clear that this wasn't going to be an overly-produced show.

His performances of his better-known songs were straightforward. "Lego House" was intimate and sweet, and the crowd sang along. When he began "Don't," he stretched out the introduction with an ever-growing guitar loop, until he slipped into a rhythmic flow that he couldn't break. Sheeran's rap game is very strong, and he possesses the word flow of pop singers such as Jason Mraz and Karmin. He even snuck an "I like the way you work, girl, no diggity" in the end.

When he performed "One," it was beautiful, and every girl probably felt like he was singing the song directly to them. The crowd swayed and flashed their lights on their phones. "Bloodstream" was intense, and contained a crescendo through the entire song. Sheeran performed a crazed strumming pattern during the song's climax, and the crowd erupted in screams.

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RE: the set list...who do y'all send to watch these shows and write reviews??? It isn't that hard to figure out that the 4th song was "Drunk" (which is actually pretty recognizable). Even if you don't know it...just use setlist.fm or something...kind of surprised you didn't make an effort to look. That rang odd to me. 


@abbvest Hi, I'm the author of this review. During the show, I made notes of each song, whether I knew them or not. For the 4th song, I didn't recognize it, so I jotted down some lyrics he was singing and went home to research the lyrics. I couldn't find anything with the lyrics I had jotted down. I used this method with most songs on the set list and was able to find the titles, but was unable to find ONE song.
So, while I made an effort to look, I could have made MORE of an effort. Sorry it appeared like I didn't care to research the artist's discography.


@mandi.kimes Sorry, Mandi, I didn't mean to sound so b*****y in my original comment! I don't know if you have to review shows a lot, but you should still totally check out setlist.fm sometime! It's a site where users upload set lists from different shows. I check it out a lot and it's super helpful--I think it could be a cool tool for you as a reviewer if you go to a lot of concerts!! Anyway, hope you enjoyed Ed's show. Cheers!


@abbvest Thanks for the tip!! I'll definitely use that for future concerts. I'll be reviewing a lot more later this month. Thanks for reading!

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