4 Great New Songs by Phoenix Artists

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The Limit Club

Here's some tasty new ear candy for you, all brought to you by Phoenix-based artists.

"Like Wild Birds," The Limit Club

Psychobilly band The Limit Club is giving away quite the party favor for the vinyl release party of their EP, Wild Four: The first 40 people through the door at Club Red Friday, September 12, get a free copy of the only 500 vinyl presses of the EP. Listeners will find the track "Like Wild Birds," inspired by vocalist/guitarist Nick Feratu seeing one of his favorite bands, The Rockats, live.

"Danny B. Harvey's guitar riffs burned a hole in my brain, and I couldn't wait to write a song inspired by his style," Feratu says, adding music lovers should come here The Limit Club play it live because the show's going to be "high-energy and wild."

Brian Chartrand is certainly one of the Valley's most prolific singer-songwriters, having released 11 albums, most recently his 14-song disc, Worth the Fight. Chartrand strove to blend genres on the album, bringing indie rock, folk and Americana touches to the tracks. The album's name came from a romantic breakup but has come to represent Chartrand's journey as an artist.

"I can say that this album is very personal with sometimes painful, sometimes triumphant autobiographical events," Chartrand says. "But what I am hearing is people are connecting to it and have experienced some of the same things and find something in the song, whether it's camaraderie or catharsis or something else."

Brian Chartrand
"Don't Despair Diane," Brian Chartrand

"I've found in my career that the true songs, the songs that are genuine in the sense they display something real, are the songs that have the biggest impact on people. And I can safely say this record is my biggest collection of 'real' songs. Beyond that I think this album sounds really good and features great musicianship and talent, I think this album has the ability to affect people. As a songwriter, that's really all you ever hope for."

Listen to the track "Don't Despair Diane," which Chartrand says tells the tale of "a dedicated man pleading with his wife to trust him," below. Hear Chartrand live at Kazimierz in Scottsdale Friday, September 19.

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Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fisher

Limit Club outstanding, had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times great group and love the music

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