Exclusive: Listen to Travis James' Newest Song and Find Out Why He's Working on a Musical

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Travis James: Phoenix's "Meat Loaf of punk"
"I don't want to talk about music, that's so boring," declares Travis James as he sits inside the Neverland House. And the local musician certainly has every right to call the shots, since the curiously named bungalow and DIY performance space in the Garfield Historic District is sort of his domain at the moment.

James is here along with about dozen others to record the gang vocals for his upcoming album Overdressed and Under Arrest, which drops on August 25. And while the guitarist/vocalist isn't up for sharing his views on music with Up On the Sun at this particular time, he's definitely down to share his music with us.

He offered up an exclusive track from the album to Up on the Sun, which you can check out below. Entitled "Broken Kids and Bad Friends," the song brings a somewhat jazzy, ragtime feel to James's folk punk stylings. But as always, the lyrics reaffirm his nihilistic leanings, and generally dark view of the world.

On this day, however, the self-proclaimed "Meat Loaf of punk" was more into sitting around and drinking out of a bottle of cheap rum with friends than being interviewed about the song or his music.

"I just want to hang out," says James as he sits back on an old couch inside the Neverland House, periodically taking shots straight out of the bottle. Even though everyone who's hanging out with James at this particular moment -- including the members of Whiskey Hand Grenade and Moses Fidal of Enemies of Promise, among others -- is here to help record the gang vocals for the album, James is at rest.

While the musician claims that he's "trying to do as little as possible," but for the frontman and namesake of Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists, doing as little as possible is actually doing quite a lot.

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